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Just say to the neighbour that you are collecting all the poo to make a sculpture for christmas and you'll deliver it through their letterbox on christmas day in the spirit of goodwill.
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Planted 180 primroses and pansies at the weekend and this morning Mrs B found that around 30 had been dug up by a new neighbours cat. When I complained he said, " What do expect, it's a cat?". He now has 2 piles of cat poo on his doorstep.

New neighbour, soon to be ex-neighbour is now walking his cats, on leads round his garden. I've never seen cats on leads before. They, the neighbours, not the cats, now have a For Sale sign up and they only moved in two weeks ago. I'm beginning to feel bad about the poo on his doorstep now.

you lucky git...i wish mine would sling their hook with their filthy animal :evil:
Spot On Bolo - You are a winner and a Hero.
Keep up the Good Work

Don't feel like a winner or a hero. My new, soon to be old, neighbour went round the street telling the other neighbours how I and the guy next door, had driven him out of his new home at a cost of several thousand pounds. Only one person, another cat owner, agreed with him and he is my next target for compulsory removal. Personally, I would have got rid of the cats.

Seriously though I don't feel in the slightest bit guilty. Should I?
Hi bolo,
You are a winner and a hero in my eyes.
Should you feel guilty? - Certainly not.
These cat owners need to start acting responsibly and with consideration for their neighbours.
Could you expand your area of operation to my neighbourhood?.
Could you expand your area of operation to my neighborhood?.

You can have the recipe for free:

Ingredients: 1 plastic nappy sack and 3 dollops of cat poo.

Method: Putting your hand in the plastic bag, pick up the poos and then turn the bag outside in, so that the poos are on the inside and your hand is on the outside.

Careful at this point because, if you get your hand and the poos both on the inside, you'll really be in the s***. To continue: walk to the door of the owner of the offending cat, empty the bag on to the middle of the doorstep and leave for a few seconds to bring out the flavour.

Ring the doorbell and casually try to walk away ignoring the protestations. Wait for 24 hours when, with any luck the For Sale sign should appear.
Just had my next door neighbour pop in to tell me the good or bad news depending on your point of view. While we were out today, my new cat loving neighbours, apparently became my cat loving ex-neighbours. They've moved out - lock, stock and two smoking tabbies!
I grow my own veg, as organic as i can, which is not hard if you willing to spend nights in the rain removing slugs.

Leeks, sprouts carrots and much more are being picked or lifted, now the cats are trying to scrape and sh it because most of the foilage has gone.

Not on my food that iv'e worked for.

The pellet gun is out ! sorry, but there is no other quick way.

in the bum only.
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