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16 Mar 2006
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United Kingdom
I have got a cctv camera with a BNC connector on the back I am going to connect a rg59 coax cable to this then i want to connect this to a tv this is where I get stuck do I

A. connect this coax to the ariel socket on the back of the tv

B. connect the coax via a connector to a scart socket on the back of the tv

I think its B but can someone verify this
many thanks in advance
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neither (though you may be lucky.)

a cctv produces a differnt signal

if your tv has a yellow visual input it can go into this
You can do either.

If you connect it to the scart socket you can just get an adaptor and plug it straight in.


If you want to connect it to the aerial socket you will need to first of all connect it into an RF modulator to convert the video signal into a TV signal.

Or use the video input like wot breezer says with a BNC to phono adaptor (like the one above)
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TBH i have never tried scart, always have seperate monitor

speaking of separate monitor that is the problem when using a tv, you cant watch both. unless you have PIP which can be anoying.

get an lcd tv from maplin (they have video input)

£80, bargain.

other suppliers of tv's are available
thanks for the tip breezer but I don't want to watch tv with it I am part of a local amateur dramatic society and they want a camera pointing at the stage so that they can see whats going on from behind the stage we have got a spare tv i just wasn't sure how to connect the two.
novel idea, but i wonder how long it will last for, since unless its a big tv evryone will be craining their neck to see :LOL:
Shouldn't be much of a problem using scart, you can connect a composite video signal in using Pin 17 (earth) and Pin 20 (composite input).
most 32" tv's these days have a composite (yellow) input. You can just plug it in to this with the appropriate adapter.

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