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19 Oct 2011
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United Kingdom
Hello all, I want to wire a CCTV system in my house, I need a camera on the side of the house and one at the top of the garden. I want the DVR in the utility and the picture to be available on three different TV's one in the lounge, one in the kitchen and one in the bedroom.
Is this possible?
What cable do I need for the cameras?
What cable do I need for the tvs?
Any recommended cameras I'm after dome cameras with HD and night vision?
Any recommended DVR's?

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The only simple answer is "it depends" :rolleyes:

Do you want analogue or digital cameras ? These days there's a lot to be said for IP (network) cameras which means you need standard network cabling to each camera - and these cables don't all have to go back to the recorder, you can use network switches where it's convenient.

For TVs, if you want HD then forget about piping "analogue video" around the house. For standard def video, one simple way to get the signal to all TVs would be to RF modulate a composite signal and mix it with the signal from your aerial - then you can just tune in an analogue channel on each TV.
For HD, that effectively means using an HDMI connection, or a network connection. The former can be piped around (you can get HDMI over Cat5/6 cable extenders and amplifiers). The latter only needs a network connection, but it does mean having a computer of some sort for each display.

If you do go for a network system, the DVR can be sited anywhere you can get a network connection to. That means it can be hidden away out of sight (lets face it, if you were breaking into somewhere with CCTV you'd nick the recorder with the evidence on it !) as you don't need access to it except for some maintenance.
Thanks for the reply I am wiring data points to each TV for the smart tv side of things. Are you saying that if I wire 2 cat5's behind the TV I can use one of those via a cat5 to hdmi for the picture?
I want my utility to be my plant room really all the housing the cu,network switch, DVR and modem. So if I wire cat5 to each TV and to both cameras is that all I need to do as far as wiring is concerned?
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You need 2 cat6 cables to each tv for hdmi plus what ever you want for the internet.
I want my utility to be my plant room really all the housing the cu,network switch, DVR and modem. So if I wire cat5 to each TV and to both cameras is that all I need to do as far as wiring is concerned?
Again, it depends on what you use !
As already said, you need 2off Cat6 cables for an HDMI extension (avoid the ones that use just one cable) - plus a separate cable for the network. Also watch out for lack of remote control - though some HDMI extenders support a 'backchannel' to relay IR commands back to the source end if your DVR has an IR remote.

And will they connect to the network switch which will be connected to the DVR or straight into the DVR?
If you are using IP cameras, then they connect to the network (ie into a switch) and there is one connection from the switch to the DVR. If you use analogue cameras then they are individually wired to the analogue inputs on the DVR.
Also, if you are using IP cameras, then look at the power specs. Many (but not all) will run using PoE (Power over Ethernet) which means you can use a PoE capable switch (or an inline power inserter) to power the camera remotely via the network cable - that saves having to get power to the camera.
But, at work we've had experience of having a PoE camera that shut down at night because it couldn't run off PoE while using it's IR illumination :rolleyes: Look for "802.11af" which means it's standard, some use PoE but it's a proprietary option (usually doing nothing more than just shove power down two pairs of the cable).

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