I have just got my new 4 channel dvr and 4 cameras.

yes ok they are not the best in the world, but for what i want they are fine.

special offer from maplin

View media item 950

View media item 949
i am only testing it, so far it looks good, and for the £299, i am not complaining
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Hey Breezer, that looks OK.

Questions for you.... can you connect to the TV or just to a monitor? is it a digital recorder that comes with it ?, do you get a choice of colour /black and white cams?.

We currently have a Campaign system .... 12-13 years old and does need replacing.The cams we have are B&W, which I believe give a better pictures in the dark.
These camearas are both.

they are colour during the day and change to b/w at night, when the infra red leds come on (so you can see in the dark)

My only one thing is they can not see to far at night, but TBH that depends on what they are looking at. camers can only see if the IR light is reflected back, so if i go outside in something light coloured you can see some one is there.

I will also say these particular cameras are cheap, but what do you expect for £299, so i am not complaining, but i am going to get a "bulldog" camera when they send the right item.

you can watch it on a tv, provided it has the AV input or if it has scart you can buy an adaptor I have just brought a 15 inch flat screen lcd tv to view them on, i am thinking of buying another tv for the other dvr i have, but thats up to me.

The dvr comes with a HD which has lots of recording options, i got it becuse at the time it was chep and has a HD in the dvr, but if you have the money you may want to get them separate and better cameras.

Have now got a bull dog camera, its much better picture
Thanks for the info Breezer. Think I'll get one of those.

The system we have has different recording modes... home, away-( automatically turns recorder on when the cam is activated)and a remote thingy... anything remotely operated can be connected, so when the cam is activated.... remote curtains could open or close, hi fi could turn on etc.

It's only B&W, pic is quite good, in the night we have a small light on, this means we can see right down the street, but, at the end of the day I just want my car covered.

As I said it's served us well for 13 years, time for a new one I think .
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well if you only want the car covered, why not just by a dvr and one camera, you have to look around maplin site (if thats whre you want to go) but they do have some special special offers.

I jhave just upgraded all the 4 camers that came with the dvr to buldog cameras, they have a better resolution
When the scrotes realised I had a cam up, they went to the cams " blind side" and chucked stones at it, so we put another cam on then opposite side, so, each cam covers the other one. lol.

This year we had someone over the backs of the houses, ... up went another two cams. So, rather than go back wards, I may as well stick to 4 cams.
As long as the pic is decent then it sounds good to me.
Thanks again.
Another question :) Are the wireless CCTV any good or waste of time :?:
never tried them so dont know.

opinion though

if wireless it means some one else can watch

you need 2 places to plug into, one for camer and transmitter, one for rciver and monitor

with the maplin kits you dont, since they all seem to have 15m of cable that you only need to plug in at one end
i cant say anything specific about that kit, since i have not seen it "in person"

it looks ok, but i soon found that a small monitor is too small, (i have a TV set to watch mine on) that kit does have a video output.
The dvr is built in, so if it goes wrong, you may loose the lot.
Mine has the dvr else where and a single cable to the monitor in the lounge and one here in the office.

as for recording time, it depends on how big the hdd is, and wht you set it to do.

mine is set for "motion detect" so i can see back over a month, when i first had it i set it for 24 hour recording all cameras, it lasted about 12 days before starting again

i guess that kit is new, there are no FAQs

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