ceiling light probs

11 Feb 2015
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United Kingdom
I have a ceiling rose light that was blown so i replaced it but it still doesnt work. the other lights on the circuit work fine just this one doesnt?
there is power at the rose?
could it of broken the switch? how do i check the continuity of the live and the neutral wires going to the ceiling rose please
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:LOL: how do i check the continuity of the live and the neutral wires going to the ceiling rose please

You are going to need a proper two-probe voltage test device, like a multimeter.

Upload to here a photo of the wiring at the rose though. We may spot something obvious..

could it of broken the switch?

If you had wired it up incorrectly in the first place then it could HAVE broken the switch. You could check this by removing the switch and connecting the two wires at the switch together. (Power off first!)
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What method/instrument did you use to test for voltage at the pendent.
As there are various voltage reference points that can be tested depending on the way the rose has been wired, that will indicate voltage, even if the lamp dose not work.
Also a non-contact or single point contact indicator, will not give conclusive results and are often misleading.

The best instrument for testing for voltage, is a two probe/pole indicator.
Such as this link

And testing with switch between closed:
Switch live-Neutral for approx 240V
Switch live-Earth for approx 240V
Neutral-Earth for 0V
Should indicate whether you have power to the fitting.
Continuity would be the safest method to test before testing live though.
This would be done with the circuit isolated and for increased safety the board isolated. By removing and connecting both Line and neutral of the circuit together at the board, then testing at switch live and neutral at the fitting with either lamps out, should identify continuity of the two conductors, also using the same process between line and earth, neutral and earth with the switch closed, will do the same. If one is out the results of the these three tests should indicate which one it is.

Note: Have checked your wiring is correct and that the lamp is in good working order?

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