Central heating installation

sneaky said:
I only wanted to know the size of pipe so i can notch the joists in preparation before i get the plumber in. I will then be more than happy to pay a plumber £20 an hour for the skilled task of connecting the gas supply.

Surely we have explained to you the gas pipe size has to be calculated. If you cannot do that then you must ask the RGI to do it for you.

As he will be taking responsibility for its performance then he should want to. If the pressure loss is more than 1 mB then you can complain to CORGI and they will serve a defects notice requiring him to correct it at his expense. So its in his own interest to do it correctly!

Even if its calculated properly the practical loss is always higher than that calculated, I would say 20% but Chris says 70%.

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sneaky said:
i've written the same thing twice because you obviously need things explaining to you.
Yeah right.

I have said before i will use a corgi registered plumber to connect the gas so stop trying to pick stupid faults.
When you stop making stupid mistakes then I'll stop pointing them out.

About notching the joists - i have a joiner working at the house at the moment and he has advised me on the best possible method to notch the joists - surely better advice than from a plumber?
I don't see why - plumbers notch (or drill) joists for more often then joiners. :rolleyes:
Hope you follow the regs re: notching the joists. I'd be looking out for that. £20.00 per hour maybe if I knew you or you were an OAP. When I pressure tested your pipe work and found all the leaks then you would be into really premium rates.
i am following all the relevant building regulations as it is not worth not - also they are there for a reason.

Glad you agree i am right softus, i knew you would understand if i kept telling you.

I don't see why - plumbers notch (or drill) joists for more often then joiners.

...and we all make mistakes

i don't see why the plumbers on here are so against me installing the pipework and notching the joists for the gas pipe. I thought this was a DIY forum? I am only carrying out relevantly simple tasks, most of which is not that much fun to do anyway. I know there is a real shortage of skilled workmen and most systems are developing to reduce the skilled labour required (i.e. pushfit pipework) allowing unskilled workers to fit them for them to be commissioned and inspected by those who are qualified. Surely a qualified plumber would much rather be paid to carry out the skilled tasks they are trained to do?
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The ponit you seem to be missing is that plumbers/gas fitters are 'not against' you personally it is that all gas pipe work must be installed by a CORGI and tested by the same. It is in the gas regulations. technically we are not allowed to just check someone elses work who is not CORGI reg. You may find it hard to find a CORGI who will do this for you at any price :rolleyes:
as i keep saying - i am not doing anything with the gas. I am only notching the joists for the pipe to sit in.

I am only installing the central heating pipework and radiators. I have now contacted a corgi who is going to connect all the gas and commision the boiler.

Also, as i have been advised, i will also get the corgi to size the gas pipe and i will until after this to notch the joists.
can't see why anyone would have a problem with you just doing the water side then as long as you do not hang the boiler on the wall;)
sneaky said:
Glad you agree i am right softus, i knew you would understand if i kept telling you.
The only thing I understand is that you don't know what you're talking about, but at least you've changed your mind about the work you claim that you're going to do, i.e. notching the joists and not laying the copper pipework.
Softus i refer you to my origional post

am installing a new central heating system in a two bed terrace. I am going to install all the water pipework and radiators and get a corgi registered plumber to connect the gas supply.

Two questions i have:

1) I will run the gas supply (only laying pipe and notching joists for plumber to connect) in 22mm from the gas meter to the boiler. The cooker going to be next to the boiler and i was wondering whether i can branch off the 22mm boiler supply or not.

2) i will run the main run of the water pipework in 22mm and branch off in 15mm to each radiator - does this sound ok?

I said that i would notch the joists and lay the pipe - not mentioned anything about joining it, and get the plumber (yes i meant corgi) to connect it.

Nothing changed there then?

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