CH install - New Rads not heating - Need your help please

Was an air lock then...

It's often the case we default to the very worst scenario and neglect the initial simple solution.

Balancing will definitely no question have helped but turning off all other rads was the fix.

Congrats on solving!
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You guys are right - It was both the balancing and an air-lock. I forgot to mention that the bathroom radiator was cooler than the rest and out of curiousity, I decided to check if it had air and it did. So I definately think both things helped, so a big thank you to you all. Really appreciate it.
This may be a silly question but if the OP hasn’t bled the rads, where has the air gone?
Probably was only a small pocket of air. If it makes it back to the boiler it may escape via the automatic air vent. More than likely it will sit at the top of a radiator until vented.
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So in the end he wasn't a plumber and you weren't scammed but you don't want to edit the thread title.:rolleyes:
Elkato531 - I'll check it today whilst the CH is cold to see if there is any air still left. Hope fully there shouldn't be.

Picasso - He was a plumber by trade and it was his job to make sure the CH was up and running before he left - Otherwise I'd not spend half a day and 5 pages of posts trying to resolve the issues that he left me with. After all I had paid him to carry out such a service, so he's still a Rogue Trader to me. Your forgetting, when I created the thread title, my CH radiators in attic weren't working at all, so my perception as a customer was that he had ripped me off. So my title in my view was fair. However, now that the issue has been resolved, thanks to the many on here who helped me, I have amended the title. That's not to say that I think you're right. It's simply to help users on this forum to know what the topic is about.
@newdiyer123 I'm glad we were able to help you resolve your problem.

For future reference and for other newcomers/diyers reading, it's worth noting that, despite the name "", this forum is heavily populated with plumbers-by-trade who, I believe, have a combined knowledge and experience of a few hundred years.

Indeed, you and many others before you have benefited from this knowledge and that's great, we enjoy helping and receiving thanks where due.

As members of a trade body, we also tend to defend one another at first instance, until evidence dictates otherwise, whereby we can forgive genuine mistakes, constructively criticise errors due to inexperience and, wholeheartedly denounce acts of malpractice!

I for one, have had to return to various jobs, over the years, to adjust something that was working perfectly well, when I previously left it... It goes with the territory!

We have no idea how the telephone conversation between you and your plumber transpired when you called him about the issue.

Maybe your approach was wrong (as in the original title of this thread ;)), maybe he is a "wrong-un" or maybe you/he/both were just having a bad day!?

Whatever happened, you came here for help and got it, for which you have expressed your gratitude and that's cool. But to all those seeking help and reading this, please consider your thread titles and tone of your posts.

Don't "look a gift horse in the mouth" or "bite the hand that feeds you" and you'll likely get the assistance you're looking for.

Written with good intention :)
Thanks dilalio. I have a lot of respect for the experts on here and wish no harm to anyone. I'm certainly not a bitter person, but I felt I had been conned. Put yourself in my shoes - If I was a plumber that had done a job for you, walked away with your money, but then you find that the CH was not working, but I'm then unwilling to return just to find the cause of the issue, placing the blame on your doorstep, then I'm sure you'd be upset too.

Having said that, as the william shakespeare saying goes "all's well that ends well".....Even though we've had issues, it's sorted now thanks to you guys and your devotion and I'm happy with the results. So a BIG THANK YOU to you all.

Keep safe, well and have a good day.
Misunderstandings happen in most trades. It certainly does with the motor trade and despite the saying, the customer isn’t always right! I’ve told this story on here before but for those that are new, I’ll repeat it:

We once did a service for a lady customer and she specifically asked for the anti-freeze to be checked. We do that as standard anyway in a service and when we checked it, it was all okay so none was needed. She came back to the garage a few days later furiously complaining that we hadn't checked it. "Why do you say that?" I asked. "Because for the last two mornings the bloody car has been covered in frost!" Even when I explained what anti-freeze was for, she went away still not believing me and we never saw her again. Some you win, some you lose. :rolleyes:

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