Chainsaw chain spinning with no throttle

27 Aug 2008
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United Kingdom

I've had a chainsaw (2-stroke, 18" from ALDI) for a few years, and I was use to the chain moving a little with no throttle. However now, after starting up, and released the chain brake, the chain spins around. In all other ways, the chainsaw is fine, correct tension, cuts wood, but lay off the throttle and it still spins around - obviously not at half/full throttle speed, but a few revolutions per second!

Any ideas what the problem could be? I'm using the correct mixture of oil/petrol, always filling it with chain oil, and cleaning out the oil/chipping mess after every use.

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thanks for the reply - how do I adjust the tick over?
There should be two little screws on the side of the machine. One is for the low speed, the other is for the high speed. They are usually marked with an "L" and an "H" Turn the one marked "L" until you get a nice tickover speed.
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Brian - further to Stiv's advice ... when the machine is at operating temp throttle back completely without the machine stalling - that's tick over. Now adjust this speed until the blade stops moving but the machine doesn't stall ... it's a bit of a balance! Throttle up and down a few times, then check your tick over again as above.

Clean the air filter on the carburettor before doing any of this.
could be the springs in the centrifugal clutch are getting weak causing it to drag at lower revs

get it serviced, it wont cost too much, and then it will be spot on. i dont mess with mine.

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