Chainsaw chain dull in no time

13 Nov 2008
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United Kingdom
I fitted a new chain to my chainsaw.
Previous to this I checked for oil in various places & all seemed ok however didn’t see much spraying off when saw in use like up against a piece of cardboard.
Adjusted chain & rotated it by hand a few times then checked tension.
I am able to pull it down & when I let go it springs back up to the bar.
So I’m happy with that.

I have cut a few 8 ft trees where the girth is say 8 inches etc & then cut limbs off & cut stump into foot long sections.

I noticed that it seemed to not cut or was cutting but finding it hard after say 15 minutes. I could see some smoke etc coming off the chain / wood so I stopped. Checked oil level & fine. Checked chain tension and was a little slack so I waited a while before adjusting it again.
I did notice before I adjusted it this time that if I rotate the chain looking at the bottom it was snug to the bar then slack then snug again then slack. Is this correct ?

So I adjusted it again & rotating it was snug all the time but didn’t really cut well.
So I poured some oil onto the chain from a can I had & it cut perfect where before it was struggling.

Any advice please.

I did remove the chain & bar & plate to which the oil hole isn’t blocked.

I did also turn the oil feed screw up a little to allow more oil to flow but not seen much difference in respect of chain life etc.

Reading around chains should last years but I fitted 2 now in say 1 month & it’s not like I’ve cut down a forest.
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A few observations.....
If the chain is smoking then either the blade is chronically blunt or there isn't enough oil getting through.
How much oil are you actually using?
If the chain is blue then it will blunt in no time.
If the timber is particularly hard then stand by with an oil can to help it cut.
The chain shouldn't have any tight spots anywhere.
John :)
I thought maybe the smoke was to to not enough oil or the wood was hard & I might of been pressing the saw down to hard but when I used an oil can on the chain it flew through the wood. The wood didn’t change so I put it down to oil.

Haven’t checked what I’m actually using but I am having to top it up.

My adjustment travel on the oil feed screw is say 12 o clock to 4 o clock & at present I’m on about 1.30

I had it all apart the other week to see how it all works etc & happy that all is ok apart from the amount of oil that is coming off the bar up against the cardboard. On a scale of say 1 - 10 I would say it’s a 3

Tomorrow I will take a look again.
I will show some photos as from memory I can’t see how the oil gets on the bar.
I mean I don’t recall a hole it drips into etc.
There is a question though.
Which direction to increase oil flow to bar ?

I am currently turning screw clockwise
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I'd turn the oil delivery right up......any oil will do, it doesn't have to be the kosher stuff.
With the chain bar off you'll see the oil oozing from the delivery hole if all is well.
I think a tank of oil per tank of fuel may be a guide.
You should see a film of oil between the bar and chain at all times.
John :)
Then it isn’t a tank of oil to tank if fuel.
As I’ve put fuel in a few times and not oil as level was ok.
how much oil is it using ? from a full tank of petrol how much oil is left in the oil res ?

Burnamen beat me to it ...

I set mine so there is always a little oil left when the petrol runs out.

Can you post a close up pic of the side of the chain
Pictures will be tomorrow.
I’m sure it’s not enough oil hence the smoke etc.
Putting oil in chain manually from a can the same piece of wood was cut within seconds.
Haven’t checked what I’m actually using but I am having to top it up.

You should be using the proper chain saw oil - that is designed to go on the chain and stick to it rather than be flung off. Should shouldn't need to force it to cut at all, let the saws own weight do the cutting - you are there just to support the saw and steer it.
Usually the oil adjustment screw turns anticlockwise to allow more through but overdoing it snaps the pump :(
Many 'better ' saws have no adjustment.
Proper chain oil is veggie based to be more acceptable- I just use up any spare oil that I long as its clean.
John :)
Chain direction is correct as it cuts fine for 15 minutes etc as opposed to never cutting.

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