Chainsaw chain dull in no time

I will mark the bar with the 52 link chain fitted then check with the 53 link chain fitted.
Then see where it aligns with the oil feed.

Good answer thanks.
Better still, put the 53 linker back on and see if the chain gets wetter.
Btw, do you scrape the bar groove out regularly?
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Who said cutting more with oil on it ?
I mentioned the saw was cutting fine but after 20 minutes it was dull.
Pouring oil on it was a trial to see if it made a difference & it did so I’m looking to see and issue with the oil.

I do have chainsaw boots & trousers.
I’m in this group asking for what people think the issue might be.
One member above mentioned a valid point of which I’m to follow up.
I’m ready to use the say fine.
Yes I plan to use the Oregon 53 link as I think the answer is the bar position liked you mentioned. This might also explain why the oil isn’t replaced as much as the fuel as the bar is blocking it partially.

Yes I do scrape the 1.3mm gap in the bar.
I also oil the gear on the tip of the bar.
I also clean out the side plate cover whilst it’s all off after use.
Here is a pic of my saw taken tonight without any proir cleaning, it is sharp and working well, it uses about 3/4 of a tank of oil to one of petrol, this chain has done a lot of cutting, it is not dripping with oil, the teeth are clean and shiny (they have not been overheated) and the depth gauges are about right. As I said earlier the oil is there for the bar not the chain.
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I can't see an oil feed hole in that bar!!. There should be one on each side opposite the oil feed from the crankcase, as in my photo. You should also have a multitool or a bit of broken hacksaw blade to clear the chain groove in the bar, otherwise even if there is a hole, the groove will become choked with sawdust and prevent oil from reaching the chain. There is an oil hole in each side of a bar as it is good practice to turn the bar over from time to time to even up wear from the chain.
But if I have to tell you all this perhaps you should get some proper instruction, a schoolfriend of mine cut his neck open cutting branches on an apple tree. He's dead.:(
Bar oil hole.jpg
Multi tool.jpg
Bar oil hole.jpg Multi tool.jpg MT.jpg
a schoolfriend of mine cut his neck open cutting branches on an apple tree. He's dead

wow, chainsaws are really really dangerous, but Ive never heard of a neck accident before.

as somebody with a professional woodworking background, I always been nervous of chainsaw use -live trees and fallen trees or branches can an do contain significant tension and the direction of fall of a branch is difficult to predict -even hangers can be dangerous.
Notch7 He was reaching upwards with the saw to cut a branch above shoulder level and apparently the saw kicked back.
Which should never be done and is one of the 1st things to know.
Yes Stivino, you and I know that but very many people are blissfully unaware of the dangers of a chainsaw in unskilled hands. Here's my last refresher before I retired. Up to single windblow.Chainsaw ticket.jpg
The only thing I cut are small trees.
Never use the saw above my head.
I always have the saw to the right of my legs, never inline.
Most of the branches which aren’t huge are cut without the saw.
The saw is used for the main stump part then using my saw horse the stump is cut into foot long pieces.
Other than that it’s not used but I still purchased boots & trousers & I do also wear a helmet.
@lostinthelight take a look at these.
Blue is the space either side of oil hole.
Red is the oil hole.

Photos show 52 & then 53 link chain in place, do you see it ?


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Take the bar and chain off and give us a picture of the area behind ?
The oil hole should be visible there.
John :)

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