Chainsaw chain dull in no time

That’s why it is called anti-fling oil. Some people call it high tack oil.
It sticks to the chain and isn’t thrown off as the chain goes round the sprocket.

I will check the oil tomorrow and also look closely if stuck in the links of the chain.
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Tree bark can get embedded with earth, grit, etc over the years which will blunt the blade. Just resharpen every so often. If the chain is a cheap make with soft metal it will not be as effective. As an example my Makita electric chainsaw came with a low kickback chain which was next to useless and went blunt very quickly. Replacing it with an Oregon chain made a big difference.

Claims to be Oregon
Paid around £9 for it so not sure if that advises you if it was Oregon or not.
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The oregon chain on screwfix for £9.99 is described as low kickback if that helps.

If I’m not mistaken, Oregon chains have Oregon written on every cutter link.
I can’t remember what all the numbers mean now, but I’m sure Oregon have a chart on their website explaining the numbers.
The last chain I bought on the internet didn’t match the description. I think he thought that I wouldn’t know. I got my money back and I got to keep the chain.
The last chain and bar I bought came from B&Q and was as good as any other, cheap too.
Thanks for the advice all.
I’m going for an Oregon on eBay where a seller has sold 451 with good reviews.
This should be better than what I have at present.
So ive ordered the Oregon 91PX053 so now as per purchase.
Awaiting for it to arrive so i took some photos to investigate why the chain in use is dull in no time.

Photos supplied are as follows.
Plate over oil hole once chain removed.
Direction of chain fitted.
Bar that was fitted.

I started the saw & as i glanced at the oil feed hole as you can see there is no shortage of oil so pump etc is working fine.

I am sure the direction of the chain i fitted is correct going by previous one i remove, also new chain would cut fine for say 20 minutes then be hard to cut.If chain was on wrong i would think it just wouldnt cut from the start, so i believe chain direction fitment etc is also correct.

In the bat the only holes shown are the 2 which mount the bar & have 13mm nuts on.
Also small hole in tip of bar for the cogged sprocket etc.

I rotated the chain by hand & didnt noticed & stifness etc as it was free.

So how is the oil actually being feed to the bar / chain ?

The dull chain i have removed doesnt realy seem to have much oil on it if any ?

The oil in use is EXTRA TACKY ET30 as shown here

What are your thoughts please & remember when it was getting hard to cut i poured some oil from a can on the chain & if then flew through the piece of wood still in the saw horse.



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How straight is the bar ?
if these are badly worn they become concave in the middle, this effectively makes the depth gauge too high and you will get very fine/dusty sawdust rather than chippings, the chain won't be cutting well whilst being sharp!

how well does it cut if you make an upwards cut, the top of the bar does not get much use so should be straight.
Bar looks fine when held against the pvc door, i cant see any gaps etc.

Never done an upward cut.
But not sure if you have followed all the posts BUT new chain fitted & was cutting logs fine, say maximum diameter 8 inch.
It then seemed to not want to cut & could see smoke etc coming off the chain / wood.
I manually poured some oil on the chain & it cut through the wood within no time at all.
Same bar, same chain, wood still in saw horse, only thing i did different was pour oil from a can / bottle onto the chain.
In your second post you said that you are having to top up the oil so, it seems that it is working ok in that respect. But you can run it with the bar and chain off to see if it pumps oil out, you’ll see where it comes from and how it get onto the bar and chain. I think I can see the oil gallery in your picture.
Have you got the proper tools to set the chain?
What make and model is it?
Yes im topping it up but doesnt mean oil is being fed to where it is supposed to go.
Ive attached a photo & advised i ran it without bar & chain installed & photo shows oil flowing out fine.
13mm socket on an extension & flat head screwdriver or the socket / screwdriver all in one tool.

Alpina C38 14 inch bar.
I know how to adjust it etc but dont seem to see uch oil etc on the bar.
Maybe the oil im using is so good its actualy doing the job & the chain that was in use is just rubbish.
If that is the case why the smoke ?
Pouring oil on the chain allowed it to cut the same piece of would with ease

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