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28 Jun 2005
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United Kingdom
Hi I have a Stihl petrol chainsaw and you mix petrol with oil for its fuel but you also have to buy another oil that goes in another chamber which is what lubricates the cutting chain etc. I looked in homebase and this stuff is £5.99 for one litre. I'd obviously rather pay less for it but I would like to buy it in a bigger quantity, say 5 litres or so.

What I am wondering is if it is just lubricating the chain and saving wear on the machine, could it be it is exactly the same as some other cheaper oil that is sold for something else? You know what I mean sometimes you buy something and it says it is for doing such and such and then the seller will put on a different label and say it is for doing something completely different, whereas really it is the same stuff just relabeled and sometimes repackaged, nothing dodgy but just what goes on occasionally.

If this were so and someone could tell me what chainsaw cutting oil is the same as, I might end up buying something like motorbike oil etc that is exactly the same stuff but I can buy it cheaper as that and in bigger quantity from an ordinary shop. Not saying it is, thats just an example.

Sorry if I am rambling but it just seems to me to be sold as something special and expensively for what it is. So need someone who knows their oils to advise me. I'd rather pay the money than wreck my machine but just though someone might know, especially people who cut down trees for a living and use tons of the stuff, so any ideas, or know where to get the right stuff in bigger quantities, cheap?

Any help appreciated.
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Hi Happy!
I would advise you to use real chainsaw oil for safety and wear prevention, chain and bar.
You know what great speed the chain moves at!!
Take great care- a broken link can fly like a bullet.
I don't think you will need such large oil quantities.
Inspect the chain tension often and keep a sharp chain.
Don't ever strain the bar.
And all the other safety observations.
Hope this helps.
look on i get mine from there and its a lot cheaper than homebase etc. As Bylough says dont skimp on it.

get the safety gear to go with it?
If you have a stihl saw the best thing to do is just to buy stihl's own lubricants. Forget diy store own brands.
I have had several stihl saws which have lasted for years under hard use and I have only ever used the correct stihl oils.
Search out your local stihl authorised dealer and they will have it all in stock. It won't be priced at premium diy rates either, will be at trade cost.
Ag machinery dealers are a good place to start or country stores.

Just ask for stihl chain oil and they'll give you a nice 5L can of it.
It's very thick to keep it from spinning off the chain, thin oil is a waste of time. It's also the correct viscosity to run through the oiling system.
As a general rule of thumb a fill of chain oil should last two fills of petrol.

Also, Stihl do an excellent 2 stroke oil.
Many 2 stroke engines use slightly different oil / fuel ratios so if you buy the stihl oil it's measured for the correct ratio for the engine [I think 1:50 using stihl's own].
You can buy tear top pots for 5L of fuel or bulk [ 1L ]containers with a bowl on top you squeeze enough 2 stroke into for 3 or 5 l of oil. They're marvellous and take all the guess work out of mixing fuel. And they're only about a fiver.
Do this and your saw should last for years and start every time.

Out of interest - are you aware of the correct starting procedure for a stihl engine? It can save a lot of pulling and flooding!!

If you have a fuel pump [clear rubber bulb] squeeze it half dozen times, if have decompression valve on top push it in - will need to push it in each time engine fires]

Put saw on floor with
foot through rear handle & hold top handle with left hand, pull start with right hand
Stand, hold top handle of saw with left hand and put the tail handle between your thighs and squeeze, pull with right hand.

These are the only two correct & safe methods for starting a chainsaw.
NEVER throw-start a saw, you'll have your leg off!!


Full choke, lock throttle open [squeeze throttle trigger & push choke lever down on modern ones]

Pull engine until fires once.

Flick choke lever up one notch / to half choke [don't release throttle yet by accidentally squeezing trigger]

Keep pulling and it will start and run flat out against the brake.
Squeeze throttle to let back to idle.


As above but do not pull start on full choke, set to half choke, throttle flat out and pull till fires.

Did you also know that it's illegal to operate a chainsaw on any property but your own without a license?!

I love my chainsaw, it's one of my favourite man toys!!!​
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Can someone tell me how much chainsaw oil youre supposed to use on a Husqvarna 50?
There does not appear to be any level guide (like with a dipstick for a car) so do you just fill it up until it begins to dribble out?
If you care about your garden, you should be using biodegradable chainsaw oil.
I care more about what I breathe in... which is why I was looking for a non-mineral substitute when I came across the OP's question

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