Charnwood, good wishes mate.

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I feel for those with loved ones who have been diagnosed with cancer, and hope for a positive outcome.

I'm in a dark place because, although I've had chemotherapy for the primary cancer on my gall bladder (not the liver as was originally thought) the secondary cancers on my lungs are untreatable because of how widespread they are.

The lung problem makes me extremely breathless, making getting about very difficult, just to add to my problems.

Sorry to whinge but I'm not a happy bunny at the mo.
So sorry you are in such a dark place at the moment. Any time you feel the need to share your troubles with someone, if it helps, you know where we are.

If the good wishes from all of us here could help I guess you would be fit as a fiddle in no time.

I'll second footprint on that one Charnwood.
As i said in my earlier post, if you want to rant and rave, blow off steam or just want to quietly chat there is always someone here for you.

Sorry to hear about the way you are feeling at the moment but hopefully you will see that whilst you are breathing there is still some sort of a life to lead, albeit different to the one you are used to.

Take care and keep posting.
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Sorry to hear your latest irk Charnwood.
The only comfort I can think of is that the sun is shining this week, and if you are remotely like me, the feel of that yellow beauty on your face never wears.

Best wishes to you and yours :)
Sorry to hear your latest irk Charnwood.
The only comfort I can think of is that the sun is shining this week, and if you are remotely like me, the feel of that yellow beauty on your face never wears.

Best wishes to you and yours :)
Poignant for me Brigadier, for very personal reasons, and very true.

This is where my atheism conflicts with what I learnt in America...

Saying 'God bless you' is MY way of saying, as little as I know you, if I had a magic wand I wouldn't be on a forum saying this. We'd be having an an ale together - and you'd be paying ;)

Love, best wishes and... God bless you!

Big Tone. (But not nearly as big as BIG Charnwood!) :)
Charnwood my dear fellow,

I know I have mentioned this before, but I am so touched by what I have read I wanted to post again.

I have problems a many yet I feel a fraud for even thinking of squeaking a complaint when I see what a courageous battle you are fighting.

You have spades more bravery and optimism than I and for that I am sure you will be rewarded, for a positive spirit makes all the difference.

Keep well and I hope that if you have not got the strength yourself to get out and enjoy the mini heatwave we have at the moment, you have somebody you can call on to help you get out and about, because for sure this will fill your mind and body with the joys of your beautiful surroundings and help to lift your spirits even further.

Best wishes

The position your in made me feel uncomfortable and a bit reluctant about posting this because ......I don't could be perceived as been daft or insensitive but I started to watch it and so here goes.

Reading these threads charnwood and your predicament reminded me of something i'd heard of years ago and I spent some time trying to find it, I haven't found exactly what I was looking for but I think and am guessing it was based on this.

I cant get the link to work but look for this on you tube

G. Edward Griffin - A World Without Cancer - The Story Of Vitam

All I can say is Im going to get my wife to watch it tomorrow and you might find it helpful.

Keep the pma and my thoughts are with you.
Hey Charn. Hope things are not too bad for you at the moment.....

Feel very remiss in not checking in more often as I keep forgetting there is a place on here outside of the CC and Plumbing forums. (made this thread notify me of updates though!!!!!).

Seriously dude. My thoughts are with you!

Keep your pecker up and if you need to vent - this is the place to do it.

Got a bl00dy chest infection - more coughing. Chest feels worse than when it got a good kicking at Port Vales ground many moons ago. First lot of antibiotics didn't touch it. Second lot seem to be doing the job.
My OH caught it off me. She has her own respiratory problems so we struggled for a few days with what we had in the fridge/freezer/cupboard. She's like me, obstinate, won't bother others.

I've always said using a commode would be the last straw.
Well, because of this damned chest infection, guess what.......... :rolleyes:

Three weeks after chemo, things should be on the up.

Vent over. ;)
(Not for Charnwood's eyes)

DIY'ers and mods! Is there a way, (paypal or other), to say thank you and by way of support to Charnwood at some account which will only credit him? (Has it been done before?).

It's no more, or less, than I would do, and have done, for friends and work colleagues who are going through a rough time.

If I can't meet & and buy Big Charn a drink or two, maybe I/we can say 'good on ya' this way :idea:
(Not for Charnwood's eyes)
That's the last thing you should have put. Apart from my missus I'm the biggest curtain twitcher in the county. ;)

I'd prefer donations to Macmillan Nurses.
Donate to Macmillan via Just Giving link Credit or debit cards or Paypal.
Mine's being an absolute marvel.
I've known her on and off for 20 years:
She was a student nurse when I had my first 2 hip replacements
She was a district nurse when I had my last hip op
She's now my Macmillan Nurse

Or if you live in Leicestershire, to the Chemotherapy Suite at the LRI.

Thanks guys :!: :!: :!:
Charnwood dear boy, I'm so sorry to hear of your illness. Please keep your pecker up & get well soon. Of course if there's anything I can do please don't hesitate in contacting me.
D1ck Puller
Recently learnt that the second outlaw may well go soonish in the same way as did the first one that we lost in November last year - by the same cancer!

Luckily though they are/were in a country where the services that Macmillans offer here are still provided by the state over there.

I don't do 'charity' in general, but having seen the benefits that this kind of care can bring, I've put in a few quid to our nearest branch.

All the best Charnwood!
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