Cheap Cordless drill

Well technically he's right, it's not a hammer drill. It's a percussion drill.

same thing really percussion means hit :D :D

Still, there's a world of difference between a combi and a real hammer drill. :)

aaahhh i see what's happening here we have different "ideas" or "perceptions" in our heads correct me if i am wrong ;)

to me hammer action is a term that applies to all drills with percussion being a new word for it

to you hammer perhaps is connected with perhaps sds or maybe even a kango/jack hammer

in the same way that i cut a trench with a router and to someone else its a jcb :D :D
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Look up the actual mechanism of the drills at some point and you'll see where I'm coming from.

A combi drill 'hammer' action is basically a load of spring loaded ball bearings, whereas a true hammer drill actually has a hammer inside it (similar mechanism to an impact wrench, iirc).
Thanks for everyones help.
I got the Ryobi one in the end. Just need to find a case for it now. :)

Seems very good build and more powerful than my old one, althouh that one was a cheap one.

Thanks again.
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Also remember that voltage isn't everything, especially on cheaper tools.
Power and battery capacity is the product of the voltage and the ampage of the battery.
for example 14.4v x 3.2ah= 46.8wh
whereas 18v x 2.4 ah=43.2wh

Therefore the 14.4 volt battery would have greater capacity
Doesnt a higher voltage give greater torque though?
Or did I just get salesmaned?

depends on the gearing what manufacturers tend to do is to reduce the rpm on smaller tools via the gearing to improve the torque

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