Cloud problems

30 Jun 2008
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United Kingdom
I keep getting genuine emails telling me I have used up all my free Cloud storage, (5Gb).
I'm using Windows 10 and my browser is Edge.
I've just sat and deleted hundreds, if not thousands of files which I don't need or want. I have backed up the ones I want to keep to an external hard drive.

My question is; How do I stop any files automatically uploading to this Cloud storage place? If I so much as click on a photo of something in Screwfix or on Amazon of something I may be interested in, a copy is sent to the Cloud! Sometimes multiple copies.
The only way I have been able to access this Cloud is from an email saying I am full up and to buy some more storage space. I prefer to keep what files I want on my PC or saved to my external HD. How can I go about changing something, (and what do I change), to be able to do this?
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It's the OneDrive app, usually accessible from the taskbar or notification area as a small cloud icon.
It should not be making copies of everything, just important items in specified locations.
Got a cloud on my taskbar and if I go into 'Settings' it gives me the option to 'Unlink this PC'.

If I unlink my laptop will that stop files being uploaded to the cloud?

I never wanted anything to be stored there in the first place.
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When you say it will unlink everything, what exactly do you mean?
I just want anything I do to not end up on this cloud storage, but on my computer for me to save elsewhere or delete as I feel necessary.

I'm a bit of a technophobe to be honest. Stems back to when I was learning about PCs in the 90's and, thinking I was formatting a CD disc, pressed the OK and formatted the whole PC! I hadn't checked which item had been highlighted to format, just assumed it was on the CD box. Had to get a mate to re-load everything on to my PC because I didn't have any of the software discs.