Clutch kit recomendation

I feel blessed!
Our clutch is currently on just under 160K. Mostly urban with a few jollies round the M60 and some darn sarf.

But I fear it may be not long till it goes to clutch heaven as the pedal has been making some odd noises recently.

If the eventual new one does the same again, I'd be well impressed.
Anybody know who makes clutches for Honda?

Was at some point Daikin clutch/exedy, though I believe they moved over to F.C.C

But LUK or Sachs will be equally as good.

Depending on the model you may have to stump up for a dual mass flywheel aswell
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Exedy Daikin was OEM for nearly all the Japanese cars, as said Sachs or LUK for German cars.
It's usually aisin, Daikin exedy or FCC for jap cars.

Aisin is predominantly Toyota.

FCC really only do honda cars and mostly their automatics, generally speaking they tend to do mostly motorcycle clutches.
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Thank you.

Have looked up LUK kit on EuroCarParts, it says £151 with 34% discount. Surely that doesn't include DMF?

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