Seat Ibiza car alarm

10 Jul 2020
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United Kingdom

is it possible to disable the interior sensors in a 2003 Seat Ibiza car alarm ?

I may need to sleep in the car for a couple of nights next week

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Not an expert but my after-market alarm has methods for disabling the interior sensors, or

Google the instructions if you don't have them.
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Can you not just lock the doors manually if you are in it without setting the alarm?

thanks for this one too, will try out

I am not sure where the interior sensors are , I cannot see anything obvious inside car
Have a test run (sit) in your drive....I don't know if ultrasonic sensors are used these days or indeed how sensitive they are.
John :)
My Mk 7 Golf has sensors inside but there's a natty button inside which after being pressed it suppresses the sensors inside, for locking the kids in the car but leaving the alarm on! :whistle:
The alarm goes off constantly if I forget to press the button.
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