combi boiler to heat a hot tub?

9 Nov 2009
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United Kingdom

I've been toying with the idea of building a hot tub in my garden (by hot tub I mean literally a tub of water that is hot i.e. no bubbles) and am looking to sound out ideas about heating it.

What would seem to be the best idea to me would be to plumb in a gas combi boiler run on calor gas and instead of the in and out pipes being connected to radiators, they would be connected to the tub via a filter.

It's entirely at the wondering stage and I'm looking for advice on the feasbilty of such a setup. Obviously if i was to go ahead with it I would bring in a competent professional to check over/ do any work.

So, would this setup work? Does it make any difference that the system wouldn't be pressurized? Any thoughts on having water from the tub going into the actual boiler?

Any help and comments would be greatly appreciated.

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Same answer as given on Ask the Question forum where you asked the same question. The only way to do it is to use a heat exchanger between pool and boiler.

You cannot simply pass the pool water through the normal heating flow and return on the boiler. Well you can but don't expect the boiler to last very long though.
Even more important are you mental sitting in a hot tub with the weather in glasgow :eek: :LOL:

Thanks for the reply, I hadn't checked the other forum cause i thought it emailed me when a reply was posted.

The reason i thought of lpg is because my neighbour is trying to use a wood/charcoal burner that heats up a 'box' of water in which is submerged a radiator that is connected to the tub via a pump. However, he is having difficulty heating the water in his tub with this system.

I'm just thinking out loud, but do you think that using a garden incinerator with copper pipe wound round it connected to a pump etc would work?

Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Make the hot tub out of sheet steel (stainless), light a bonfire under it or chuck in heated bricks preferably from a redundant night storage heater.
eh, was more thinking of a sustainable solution that didn't involve dying or risk of serious harm. But thanks for the suggestion anyway.
You could create a copper 'underfloor heating' system under your hot tub and heat it like that. Or even put it inside with a false floor on top that allows the water underneath it to be heated

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