competition- who in what



Lat night watched tomb raider.

Mrs breezer noticed the new james bond bloke was in the film

so the competiotion is this

What film and who (character or actor) have you seen in another film before they were "famous"

the big A list peopl like John wayne, clint eastwood don't count
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this one, i just thought i would pre empt some one saying john wayne
Well staying with Bonds, Pierce Brosnan was the IRA guy in The Long Good Friday.

Johnny Depp was one of the grunts in Platoon.

Ben Affleck played the bloke who likes to 'screw girls in the uncomfortable place' (the back of a Volkswagen ;)) in the hilarious Mallrats.

Christian Bale (Batman Begins) was the English Kid in Empire of the Sun.

When you say competition, is there a specific one you are thinking of that we have to guess?
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no, not really, just anyone like you have posted. perjaps competition was the wrong word