fancy dress party- your opinions



Myself and mrs Breezer, have been asked to a fancy dress party - theme is James Bond.

Now without using google, can you name some james bond villans, and what do they look like / what do you instantly think of?

jaws- big tall bloke with steel teeth

also the ladies, you cant forget "honey rider"

now if you are saying who is honey rider? but then i said Ursula Andress, you would know who i mean.

so you see the problem? you may think you know a villan or lady but what does the name bring to mind?
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oddjob chinese guy with steel rimmed bowler

scaramanger man with golden gun?



miss moneypenny (or as russ abbott called her miss funnyfanny!)

rosa kleb - kgb women with blades in shoes russia with love

the two gay chaps from diamonds are forever

big black scarey guy from live and let die

drax - fat bloke with airship and grace jones in tow in view to a kill

sean bean as 006 - golden eye

ernst blofelt - goldfinger

hows that for a starter?
Oddjob =bowler hat , an very fat neck

the best has to be ....all time fav ... yummy :)

Bambi (Lola Larson) and THUMPER (Trina Parks) in Diamonds Are Forever ...

I have been thrilled by that scene enjoy downloading "Utimate surrender fights ".....
I may get to record my own white sand wrestling bad girl /Bond thing next week ... ........

I have uploaded pics to a board of the wife an her sis in string thongs , an me dancing about on our last holiday in Spain....

as Gcol posted some naughty stuff it took an hour for that to be deleted ..

I dont want a child to be currupted by two Gorgeous slim ,late 30s ladies nearly nude an me in a pair of big shorts nearby :)

anyway , I will post the link late at night an when a mod will quickly delete it ..

If I get better very xxx stuff on this holiday with Wendy an Maria every night ....I hope ... I can post as well ...;)
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I hate fancy dress, me and Caroline/Caroline and I, was invited to one and it was ''Richard and Judy'' that s everyone comes as either Richard or Judy???!!!
Hell! I couldnt think what to go as, then luckerly something else came up. :rolleyes:
you are missing the point now, yes she had an odd name, as did odd job, and nik nak, but my rel question is how on earth can you go to a fancy dress party dressed as............ and people say, oh, you are.............
Must be striking, but not too Moneypenny draped in nothing but an outfit made of coppers, but I'd prefer the funny-fannny option here ;)

Scaramanger...gotta be for a woman to go with three nipples :eek: :cool:

Pussy galore..... :D
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