Have I Boobed?

1 Jun 2004
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United Kingdom
We had our office "party" today, not the sort of thing you can imagine. As we have a mixture of cultures it is a very staid affair with everybody behaving properly - well - I think so.
One of the managing staff is an attractive lady ( I have to be careful how I word this with you lot), whom I have known as a colleague for a few years, I used to work closely with her husband (big tall guy, nice bloke). Well she has got herself a bit of a bad name amongst the work-force for being a bit "too by the book". She had dressed really nicely in her black dress, not too low slung, and jewellery (those who had the opportunity dressed as film stars) and indeed she looked very nice. At one stage she sat beside me to devour her share of the drying sandwiches and pastries and was chatting to me and I to her. I did express concern that I was unfamiliar with the character she was trying to portray, so she pointed to the small lapel type badge she wore on the left side of her chest, just below the neck line, telling me some name. I looked into her eyes and asked if we were at work, she replied "No!", so then I asked what her other breast was called, as you do, I mean I'd just been introduced by name to the one on the left and I didn't want to appear rude, did I?
Well she laughed and said that we were then back at work...........
he is a big bloke........
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Don't know what your work environment is like, but if you are comfortable saying such things to her and she laughs, you should be OK. I have several work friends who enjoy an occasional referrence to their shirt-potatoes in a private conversation. :eek:

A friend told me about a meeting he had attended. A girl I was seeing for a couple of years was known only to me by the pet name "big boobs"... I know, so cryptic. How could anyone figure out why I called her that! She now works with a friend of mine, who yesterday recounted a meeting he was in where she (out of the room I should add) was referred to by a manager as "big boobs". :LOL:

Thinking about it, that is a little creepy... Yours is an absolute classic though! :LOL:
A while ago, I was out on the pavement having a smoke with one of my collegues when out comes one of our work experience data entry girls. My collegue mentioned to her that he liked her top. (a very tight fitting job with a tigers face printed on it). He then turns to me and says, It's nice eh? Since she is rather large up top, I then replied "Yeh very nice, but it's the first time I've seen a tiger with Chubby Cheeks".

My collegue then has a go at me, for being "out of order", because the girl in question is my own daughter. He still couldn't help but chuckle. I do feel a bit guilty though, because I don't think my daughter has worn that top since.
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