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2 Jan 2015
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United Kingdom
Woke up this morning to a fence panel in next door neighbours garden and the concrete fence posts on either side have failed, cracked and would no longer hold the fence panel.

I presume for what they are worth it's not worth trying to repair, but to replace?

I take it the standard way to do it would be to dig out the concrete (as its probably set in that) and put another one in bedded in concrete?

The panel is the one on the far right and the posts are the far right one and the one to the left of it.

It is the boundary wall between ours and the garden across from us - I'll have to go and knock on their door... :oops:
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Yep, that's about it really.....a small crack in the posts lets rain in, which rusts the rebar within.....this expands and bursts the concrete post.
John :)
your pic does not show what has happened to the posts.

However it does appear that panels have been fitted which are higher than the posts, so we can assume that the posts were overloaded and had (say) 20% of their original length in the ground, which was sufficient for the intended panel, but not for the oversized panel.

It is very hard to get a lump of concrete out of the ground. In your case it will be especially difficult as there seems to be a concrete shed base in the way.

Can you borrow or hire a breaker, or have you got a heavy SDS+ drill that can be used with chisels or points? It is even worth buying a cheap one from Screwfix or Aldi for £50 or so, you will have finished the job before the guarantee runs out, and they are good at exchanging tools that break down. You don't need an expensive pro quality one that will last for years.
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It's the ones at the far back of the picture and the photo is from pre breaking.

The "base" is wooden decking.

Thanks for the advice Burnerman.

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