Concrete setting time before building

7 Apr 2010
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United Kingdom
I will soon be putting footings in for a garden wall it will measure 20 foot long by 7 foot high, the footings will be 300mm deep by 300mm wide will this be okay?
how long will it take for the concrete to set before i can start to lay blocks?
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How wide is your wall going to be? I assume at least 9 inch in which case you might want to push it out to 450 wide.

As for laying it you can build on it the next day.
The wall will be 100mm wide, i will be using standard blocks.
Maybe just widen it out around the piers then. but to be honest a wall that high should definately be 9 inch at least
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Concur with r896neo. Single skin wall @ 7 foot high, 20 foot long? You feeling lucky? :LOL: .
First time the wind get's up beyond 20mph, your wall will suddenly be a pile of blocks, H&SE will call round too, BC, Local Press, TV etc, specially if someone happens to be walking past at the time.
Seven foot - single skin???? Madness.
2100x100mm block free standing wall.
You should be locked up for thinking about it, let alone doing it. Have you any idea how dangerous that would be?
old un
It is possible to build a half brick fella but the wall would need to be built with 90 degree turns along its length, would not be economical and look absolutely pants.
So you would not recommend me to build it, so what would you do? maybe build the block on its flat?
I should have mentioned in my original post that the wall is going to be tied into a block garden shed with wall plates.
A free standing 7 foot high wall would typically be built 1 brick thick (so 9"). Therefore, either build it in 9" block (heavy work) or like you say, do it in 100mm block laid flat. If you want to course the bond work in you could always do 2 skins of 100mm and tie in although I'm not sure why you would want to do that - aesthetics? You may want to consider putting a pier mid span depending on the surrounding environment - I would be considering a movement joint at some point as well.

Got a brickie to look at the job he advised me to put a wall support on the shed wall and tie the new wall into that as well as three support piers. i think i will let him do the job for me. let you all know how i get on, thanks for your replies.

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