23 Sep 2004
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United Kingdom
I need to order some concrete for a foundation,The trench is 600 mm wide 150mm deep and 12.302 mtres long.How do I calculate the amount required.regards
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The total volume is the length x depth x width. That should give you a volume of 1.11 m3. Dont take my word for it though, double check it and youll never forget how to do it again
Thermo I'me a bit thick with maths how many cubic whatevers do I order from the mixer man,thanks for your help.
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Hope you ment to say that the concrete will be 150mm deep as the trench should be a lot deeper. Order a bit more than the exact figure as the walls and base will likely not be an exact size.

This is the measurements on base plans for a conservatory,the depth of the trench is about 600mm deep, down to good ground then 150mm
of concrete then 9 inch cavity wall up to d/c height with the cavity filled with concrete.
I think you are interpreting your drawings wrong if they say down to good ground then 150mm then you could be digging next to nothing if you are hitting bedrock or meters and meters if its all sand.
For example in our area(which is mostly clay) then building control would expect us to dig a minimum of 1m and maybe more if they are not happy with the state of the ground at that depth, hence your drawings say to good ground plus 150mm
Would expect your trench to have to be 1000mm(concrete to 650-750 deep)x 500-600mmwide x 12300 long.
would give approx 4-5.5 cubic metres of concrete.
1.1 cumetres would have left you a little short. :)
I might not have explained myself very well in the my last post.Base plans state for the dwarf wall foundation excavate from finished floor level down to a depth of 600mm or further to good ground then put in a concrete strip footing 150 mm thick.then build up to floor /damp course level a cavity wall.The cavity of the wall to be filled in with concrete.Does this make more sense.
I think chappers was basing his quantity on the trench fill method which may well work out cheaper, at least maxwell can work out the costs of the two methods now he knows how much concrete it will take, the trench fill will be quicker.

Also if you are planning on using readymix you will have to pay a surcharge for a part load.


Next question from maxwell will be, how many bricks do I need?
Thanks lads ,got a bit carried away with that one,by the way jasonb the builders merchant worked the bricks out for me and now i'm off to band q for a trowel,cheers.

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