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10 Sep 2008
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United Kingdom
We have just had a new boiler fitted and the condensate waste is a small bore white plastic pipe which has been run outside and then along the outside wall to join up with the normal sink waste outlet, however the two pipe sizes are obviously much different. The sink waste is a larger diameter grey pipe. So the guy fitted a new Tee piece which is white and then put some grey pipe lagging on the small diamter heating waste pipe.

In my opinion it looks poor, I would have thought it woulkd have been better to run the CH waste inside the cupboard to the sink waste, or at the very least use a similar type of pipe to the existing waste outside.

Is it normal to use laffing on outside pipes? Is there anything I can do and is this a valid complaint?

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The expectation is that the 22 mm can be used for up to 3m and after that it should be in 32 mm.

Any external 22 mm should be lagged so he has complied with that requirement.

The routing for the condensate pipe should have been discussed before installation. It sounds as if he did the usual thing and met the regulations. Very few bother to insulate the pipe.

Personally I would run any external condensate in 32mm, as lagged 19mm always looks a dog! ;)
It sounds like it was done legally, just not the nicest way. whether or not the installer should have done it as nice as possible or as quick as possible depends on the quote; if it was cheap, all you can hope for is that it is done legally.
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if your boiler is fitted in the kitchen, and is close to the sink or the waste pipe stack (if you have one) then there might be scope for running the pipe internally. However if your internal layout makes this difficult then it would have cost you extra for the additional work, and possibly disrupted your internal decoration or fitted kitchen.

In my own home I chose a site for the new boiler that was adjacent to the soil stack duct and the sink unit, which made it easier and neater. I am a householder not a pro.

What's the internal layout? Distance between boiler and sink? Does the sink discharge to an outside hopper or gully, or what?
alls the installler has done is proberbly give you the option of riping the lagging off.whats the problem, you complain of an installer doing it to regs :rolleyes:
Thanks folks, even those who seemed to think it was a question designed to slag off the trade ;) If it's legal as suggested but not aesthetically pleasing then clearly that's not the installers problem. I'll know next time to discuss everything prior to agreeing the quote

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