Conservatory foundatios.

Ah ok. Best of luck with it and post some pix when it's all done, yes?
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Never tried to post pics, but will have a go. Did you want the pics of footings? Or completed structure?
Anything of it you fancy would be of interest, although I have a particular penchant for soil in all its mucky forms. As for posting pix, there's an item on how to do it here.




I hope I have done this correctly, and this is muddy enough!
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Taking these pics reminded me that the two drain pipes lead to a soakaway, basically a hardcore pit, under the conservatory area. Is this a problem?
Just heard that the builder is not a happy bunny having to go down to a meter. here swears the ground is solid already! However I have agreed to contribute MONEY to give me peace of mind.
So let's see what there is so far: drain pipe in the excavation with no obvious arrangement to isolate that from the foundation and/or bridge over it; soakaway within the conservatory footprint; obvious fill in the bottom of the excavation...and a recalcitrant subby.

The portents are not good so far. Neat excavations though ;)
He said he is going to bridge the pipes, (there is one coming from the down pipe on the left also which crosses the trench, and which they have broken, and will have to replace) although they are so close to the surface that I don't quite see how that can be done. Any suggestions?
Taking these pics reminded me that the two drain pipes lead to a soakaway, basically a hardcore pit, under the conservatory area. Is this a problem?

lol. Sorry, but after all the discussion about the foundation depth and ground conditions, I can't imagine how you forgot to mention this little gem :eek: :rolleyes:

Never mind fixing the broken pipes, you want them and the soak-away moved!
Why would I mention them? I am not a builder, which is why I turn to you guys to advise me. I am told by the builder that the soakaway can stay there and the pipes bridged. Please tell me why this is wrong, if BRs do not apply, and, more importantly, what are the implications if the soakaway and pipes are not moved.

Because if the soak-away does not actually "soak away" (lots of rainfall or silted up) then you will have a good chance of soggy ground and movement.

The recommended minimum distance of a soak-away from a building is 5m - whether building regs apply or not.

Its a risk - a risk which may or may not present problems, but a risk all the same.

You can leave the soak-away there and divert the drains afterwards, so it wont hold up the job.
So you mean, redirect the pipes to a new soakaway? No chance of getting 5m in any case.
Have now resolved the pipes/soakaway, he is going to put in a new one, and so no bridging required. Also his team of three, who are real grafters, are currently digging down to the required 1000mm and widening the trench to 450mm.
If it's still on fill, I would not advise you to stop at that depth...

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