Cooker and induction hob on one circuit?

I understand why commercial kitchens don't use induction hobs. Consider the power needed with 4 or 5 in a kitchen likely would need complete re-wire. However with health and safety being talked about if the kitchens were forced to keep to within working temperature permitted in offices ect then the cost of extra air conditioning would out weigh the cost of supplies for induction hobs.

There is no specified upper temperature limit for offices etc, only a minimum.
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I find grilling best for ordinary bacon, with too much added water, as the water drains away, whereas in a pan it sits there and the bacon stews, not fries.

The expensive stuff (i.e. bacon as it was always made until the big producers and the supermarkets found they could inject water into it to make it weigh more) is OK to fry though.
I don't want to get into excessive quoting because it will make it harder to follow, so hopefully the context each of each paragraph will make sense. All of this is referring to bas's reply to me:

I meant the same thing by "shaking" too. I use mine to stir fry 1-2 times a week and I constantly shake the pan around while stiring it. (Sliding it back and forth at speed over the hob surface.) As the hob is clean polished glass and the pan bottom is clean polished s/steel there is no damage caused. The only scratch I have on mine is from an accident when replacing a duff motor in the extraction hood.

As to shaking cast iron dishes, I have never tried that. When full they are far to heavy and hot for me to be shaking them around though so I don't really think that is relavent for me. The only circumstance it might apply is if you had a cast iron griddle, and in that case you can still just as easily shake it around with some kitchen roll underneath it. It wouldn't affect the hob in the slightest.

Like you (and I expect most people) I don't believe that all automation or easier routes are a good substitute for taking the time to do things how they were meant to be done, however anything that aids me with preparing meals (and cleaning up afterwards) so I can spend more of my free time on diynot is a welcome automation in my book.

Besides, I also drive an automatic car, sometimes, and even use cruise control from time to time. :)

If you have alu cookware that you like using then keep using them. I have alu cored pans so get the advantage of both types. There was only one pan (and old s/steel milk pan) that I had to stop using when I moved to induction. I'm pretty sure the OP's decision to upgrade their hob to suit their circumstances won't affect your kitchen though. Nobody is telling you that you can't keep using what you want.

As for the equipment costs, decent gas hobs start around £1500 *. Decent induction hobs start around £2500 *. Neither are particularly "cheap", but watt for watt gas is cheaper to buy but more inefficient to run.

* attached to an equivalent oven unit

ban-all-sheds said:
Me not liking them isn't a valid reason for others to avoid them, but I think it's worth me pointing out what I see as drawbacks in case it makes someone go "ooh - I hadn't thought of that" before they make an expensive purchase they end up regretting.
I see it a bit like installing 2" halogen spotlights to light a bathroom. Sure we all know they are unfit for that purpose but in some bathrooms they can actually light the space quite effectively and at a reasonable cost. It's up to us to choose which we want to use.

Now I have to sign off to make a bacon sandwich... darn you all :oops:
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I have a 3-burner gas hob and a two place induction hob.

Horses for courses, I use whichever is the better for a particular cooking job. I fry Tesco's "drycure" bacon using gas, I make real custard using induction.
Me not liking them isn't a valid reason for others to avoid them, but I think it's worth me pointing out what I see as drawbacks in case it makes someone go "ooh - I hadn't thought of that" before they make an expensive purchase they end up regretting.

Now why can't you put your objections to downlights quite so diplomatically? ;)

I (I suppose I should say we and include the wife who does most of the cooking) could never switch to induction for one reason - the only way to create the authentic wok flavour is with a traditional seasoned cast iron/carbon steel round bottomed wok with a big fire under it :).

I can see that W for W an induction hob will be more efficient than gas, but given the cost differential between gas and electricity, it's never a financially more economical option. I suppose it depends on whether you care more about the planet or your wallet.

Suggestions of gas hobs requiring air conditioning can only have come from an induction hob salesman :LOL: . Even cooking feasts in the summer with all rings burning on our Rangemaster the effect on the room temperature is negligable. The extractor hood must help considerably with that, and if it comes to it there is always the kitchen window. A commercial kitchen is a different matter granted, but then we're talking domestic here.

Bacon & custard?


He must be trying Heston Blumenthal's bacon and egg ice cream, I guess?
Thanks for everyone's input on this, really appreciated.

I am going to get a sparky in to give me a quote to run a new length of 10mm and replace the MCB. One question, would it be possible to run the new length of cable on the exterior wall between the two points in conduit? This is probably the quickest/cheapest option but I'm not sure of the regs.
Bacon & custard?


Hey I've cooked Bacon & Custard and it's good. My thanks to BAS for suggesting a new dish.

I cooked the custard using the induction ring — egg yolk & milk, with a pinch of salt and no sugar. Next is to use it instead of the mayo in a BLT.

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