Copper pipe crushed by olive reusable?

20 Jan 2011
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United Kingdom
Hi guys, grateful for any help you can offer. In lifting and relaying a floor (insulating subfloor and strengthening with noggins and sistering...), I've had to remove the radiator valves to get the floorboards up. When I took the valves off and cut the olives, I've found the olives have crushed the pipes.

So can I refit the valves to these pipes? Should I use Fernox? PTFE? Or do I have to cut and solder a coupler? (less popular option with me, obvs)
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Cut and solder in new piece for each. I wouldn't take the risk of using the one in the first picture, and I'd almost guarantee the one in the second picture to leak.
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If thats the only way you can get em wet, thats fair enough ;)
Thanks for all the help guys! This is why I love the site. At least half the people will tell you that what you're doing is okay. Have PTFE'd them and repressurised and they're holding fine and passing a tissue paper test.

Are they likely to develop leaks at a later date or is it a case of "if it holds at first, it will hold for good"? (He asks, hopefully... )
If it holds with PTFE it will forever. Old skool Hemp and paste will "take up" a weep as the hemp swells so it'll hold forever and a day ;) BUT it grows micro organisms so isn't used now :rolleyes: God knows how us old plumbers survive so long what with lead and asbestos and no PPE back in the day
Well I certainly would not use that end of pipe again, defo a potential leak in the offing.

1: Nice if their was an internal pipe expander to 15mm OD but there isn't that I know of.

2: Solder fitting if its a fixed pipe I don't see the problem in a normal property, just being lazy.

3: Use no flame situation. a; compression or placky push fit (ugly) b: push fit as in Tectite - Cuprofit neater no flame.

I have found straight compression chrome extensions in 8 and 10mm which work really well with fixed pipes on retro twin valves. Though I am experimenting with 15mm ones made from rad valve tail extensions, just to get that extra length :) without to much faff if you see what I mean.

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