Correct wiring for custom extension lead

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No. You MUST use 3 core flex and earth the socket regardless of whether the appliance needs it or not.
You MUST, MUST, MUST use 3 core cable and wire up the earth pin. Just because you only intend to plug in a TV does not mean someone else may come along later and plug in a class 1 appliance.
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As said because your TV, Sky box, Blueray, DVD, CD player/recorder does not have an earth does not mean the next one will be the same. This is how accidents happen, you think it's OK, but then something changes.

I have seen it so many times, dads house kitchen had a BA22d bulb, no earth required, he then found a fluorescent with a BA22d plug no earth required, but when this failed he got a standard 5 foot fluorescent, earth required, but there was no earth pre 1966 wiring. He lucky never got a shock, but when the professional came to rewire his kitchen he looked at the lamp and saw it was a type requiring an earth and so never bothered about it when the ceiling was re-boarded until he came to refit and found no earth.

At this point I became involved, it cost an arm and a leg to get a class II fitting for the kitchen light. It is still a problem and likely the whole house will need rewiring as a result. OK as a DIY person I could ignore it. However that does not make it safe. And some time down the time scale you may like I did wish the installers has included that earth wire.
Thank you all for the advice, all duly noted, I'll get the correct cabling for this, cheers

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