Could anyone give any advice please how to approach this? Thanks

16 Jan 2022
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United Kingdom
Hi all

I’m in the process of digging my garden up on the front to lay some type 1/sand and some artificial grass with some pavers

the issue I have is that the garden is sloping towards the house which is well below the pavement which is fine but I need to keep the path the same height as next doors as our neighbour is really old and altering it would be a trip hazard for her as both paths adjoin .

There is another path which runs from the main path along the front of the house / window but this is lower than the main path(steps down from the main path) it’s approximately 4 inch lower than the main path.

this lower path has caused so many people to trip and fall off it.

what I would like to do is bring the lower path up to the same level as the main path but then this would bring it higher than the damp course.

is there a way to have the path higher than the damp course but not cause damp?

the other advice I need is the front garden where the artificial grass is going needs to be brought higher approx 6-7 inches which I was going to do with type 1 and abs sand but I’m a bit confused about my to be wall footings … would I dig down now from this lower point and brick up or would it be better to lay my type 1 then dig down from the new higher level ?

mom sorry tuis sounds such a confusing post! I hope it makes a little sense what I’m trying to say and hope the pics will help


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A pic from further back showing the overall problem and damproof course may help.
if there is a downpipe gulley near the front door -fit an aco drain and make the path higher to suit
Hi notch, that’s a good idea … there is a down pipe which I’m
Actually converting to a soil pipe… I’m a plumber :) don’t know much about mud lol

anyway here’s some more pics which I hope will help… I took a pic of my neighbours as it’s less of a building it’s than mine lol which should give you a better idea of my issues… the path under the window needs raising at least 4 inch but as next door I also have the air bricks? ‍♀️


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I often see a lot of paths close to buildings where a gap of about 300mm is left from the path to the wall and it has been surfaced with chippings.

But that needs a low retaining wall under the wall side of the path. Maybe just a concrete block on it's side depending on the height.

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