cutting stainless steel kitchen splashback

17 Mar 2006
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United Kingdom
Can anyone help?

I want to install stainless steel effect splashbacks in the kitchen.

B&Q sell these but they are 600mm high and I need them to be 470mm high. No-one at B&Q seems to be able to tell me whether it's possible to cut them and if so how to go about it! They are stated to be 10mm thick and appear to have some kind of backing panel behind the stainless steel finish.
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You need a 'Rage' circular saw which are on special at £79.00 from B&Q.

If you don't think you'll use it much then you can buy the 'Rage' blade which will fit any circular saw for £20.

I only bought mine today and I already love it. It cuts through all the stuff that ordinary saws won't touch.

If you want to cut it like a pro - then set up a straight edge over the splashback (well clamped) and run the saw down that.
rustynails said:
I need them to be 470mm high.
Bought one last week from Ikea 450mm x 600mm, I've used the full length side way
Eddie M said:
10mm :!: you sure :?:
They just about 1mm thickness with lipped edging and insulation behind it making 10mm!
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Thank you all for your help with this. Much appreciated.

Eddie M - As explained by Masona, the stainless steel is 1 mm but with the backing it becomes 10mm, infact the metal to be cut is very thin. As we will only need 470mm for under the wall cupboards, and Ikea only sell in 460 mm high, we will have to go for the B&Q splashbacks. - unless anybody knows of a better source.

Once again many thanks for your responses.
can it not be cut with a metal cutting blade on an angle grinder with a straight edge clamped on
Do you have a grinder?
A ultra thin cutting disc for the stainless, then any wood saw for the backer.

Be carefull if you choose the saw route, they have a habbit of mangling very thin stainless, especially if its not glued down well.
I've cut one before with an angle grinder with a thin metal cutting blade.

Thanks again for your input folks.

I'm a little bothered about using an angle-grinder (never done it before!). I've only seen one used for cutting our paving slabs and they seem pretty heavyweight for a job like this to me.

Unfortunately the 'made-to-order' idea turned out to be much more than we can afford.

Given that the metal is only about 1mm thick and the backing material the other 9mm I think I'll follow up the suggestion of the jigsaw and metal cutting blades, with a clamped straightedge, taking it VERY gingerly!! After all mistakes can come quite expensive when you're buying a couple of 2400mm lengths. I'm no expert like you guys in doing this stuff.

Hopefully our daughter's kitchen will look a lot better with this.
You could take it to any metal fabricating merchant, yellow pages will help you to find one, they have a large hydraulic cutter blade plate for a clean cut, drink money should cover it ;)
ref the suggestion using a metal cutting guillotine at a fabricator,if the stainless has flanged edges a guillotine blade would crush these and make mess,and anyone with a decent machine would not like to use it on the woodbacking,find someone with an industrial metal cutting bandsaw,though it takes a good operator to keep the cut straight .
Hello to all you helpers. Just to update you on the progress with our daughters stainless steel splashback.

We followed your advice, Masona, and contacted a stainless steel fabrication company near us. They willingly obtained the metal, cut it to our specifications and charged about 1/2 the cost that would have been from B&Q. And it is in brushed stainless steel. Result! This meant that we also didn't have to do any cutting. That is except when we take the splashbacks to our daughters place and do the fitting, we will have to cut out the holes for the electric sockets, but that is a small price to pay. I even got the splashbacks into my car, which means we will have no problems transporting from our place 180 miles to our daughters. Once again thank you all so very much for your kind advice and help.

Merry Christmas to you all.

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