Dangerous electrical installation

Meercat, if your builder blundered his way from the ground to the roof, I'm rather surprised that you let him get that far.

I'm not defending your blessed builder - neither am I swallowing your account of it, because there's always two sides to a story.

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Thanks Sherlock. I certainly don't underestimate the power of the law in my case. Therefore, I do have a solicitor involved already, and the whole reason the electrics were called into question is because of a very long list of defects (not snags) that have developed over the course of the project. I have plenty of documented evidence of every defect. Quotes to rectify etc... The works have been surveyed by two surveyors, including the architect and various others and I have written reports to confirm findings of various professionals.

That leg is very VERY wobbly.

This is far from a get out clause for me: I will have to pay more money for someone to undo, rectify and finish a whole range of structural, plumbing, sewage and now electrical problems. The extension is basically a shell. I hope I'm wrong when I say I detect a hint of sympathy not from you but from other posters on here but trust me, we are talking about a complete cowboy here! As the matter is likely to go to court I've removed all my pics of the house, but if you could see the state of my house for yourself, you wouldn't have a shadow of a doubt...
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Johnny G - no, none of them were isolated

...and Prince of Darkness, please keep up... that's why I stopped him with a large chunk of money remaining:cool: The other side of the story is: he's NOT a builder, he falsified his references, he had some good workers (bricklayer, carpenters, labourers who produced some good work - which I paid for) These guys did a good job and were fully paid for it (I made sure of that.) Incidentally, his own tradesman were appalled by his lack of knowledge and he himself is trying to sue one of them the plumber, for incompetence...

...it's very easy for a layperson to get trapped. The average person is not an expert in structural engineering, electrics, plumbing, drainage systems, roofing, carpentry and joinery. Wake up! That's why they employ 'experts.' Like yourself. Only some of them aren't, they just pretend they are. Hence why people lose billions to cowboys every year. I'm just thankful I stopped when I did!
Come on chaps give the meerkat a break, they have come on here to share the pain, vent thier spleen and possibly get some common sense advice.

Simples............Sergey bubbles, or is that the problem with the drains. ;)
Sherlock and Johnny. Why are you p****d? Facts are facts! Why not put up your real names??
By the way, that smell's coming from the open drain they call your mouth! I'll explain why Hobbles. Because these are the tw*ts that worked in my house!
Sherlock and Johnny. Why are you p****d? Facts are facts! Why not put up your real names??

I'm not, my fish comment was a highly amusing reference to another thread and nothing to do with yours, although I am now starting to suspect your take on the story is not quite the full picture.

And I have no intention of putting up my full name on an internet forum, 'meerkat'. What an odd thing to say.
I'm not persuaded by your story, Meercat. You keep adding further allegations with every post. If this is indeed a true story, then it's quite apparent that you've secretely been keeping tabs on this woeful exercise and saving-up all your gripes to the bitter end, instead of being sensible and tactful with your builder at each stage of his alleged defects.

I don't have to prove a thing to any of you so you can...

Anyway, I've got some good advice. Thanks guys! The real pros know who they are!


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