Diamond blade recommendations?

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gcol said:
Can anyone recommend a decent diamond blade for a 9" angle grinder for cutting concrete flags? Ta.

must be big flag poles :LOL:

have you tried screw fix? but not the cheap ones?
diamond blades seem to have dropped dramatically in the last few years,i personally use ones from discount warehouse in brum £5 each for 9" been cutting concrete tiles clay tiles you name it, last quite a while but cheap enough to replace
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Crikey that's cheap! I might have to have a dabble at some of those - I don't suppose it matters if they're no good. Cheers.
The reason I was asking if there's anyone that can recommend any decent blades is cause I got a Marcrist blade for tiling and that cuts twice as fast as my old blade. Just wondered if anyone had used any good ones for concrete.
theyre a bit like anything gcol, you pay your money and takes your choice. I use them all the time for patios etc. I normally go for the Travis Perkins ones that they sell/hire out. Thye are actually made by marcrist who make the more expensive ones. they tend to last me a fair while if you look after them well.
the thing about diamond drills, especially core drills is that if you use a cheap one it can take longer to make the cut, especially if the hole is large and deep, and the core drill dies on you cos it overheats. so buying cheap can be a real false economy here, what with needing to go and buy another one cos you've sheared all the diamond segments.

well anyway thats my perspective from drilling granite.
dry diamonds tend not to last very long at all, and wet ones need to be handled very gently indeed (no pushing).
I have heard a lot of good stuff about marcrist core drills - especially the new 750 range - and am about to buy a few myself - might even attempt to use one dry to see if their claims hold any water (excuse the pun).

the marcrist site is here
and a pretty good review here

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