mini angle grinder for wood

30 Jun 2005
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United Kingdom
hi guys can anyone suggest a mini angle grinder or blade that is suitable for cutting wood. Would a diamond tipped blade do this?
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no it wont, you wil need a saw. an angle grinder revolves at too high a speed to use a wood blade in it, giving too high a chance of kickback. what exactly are you trying to do?
strongly advise against using an angle grinder to cut wood

we had a member who was fatally injured trying to cut a tree stump like that.

unlike a circular sawe there is no soleplate to press against the work and hold it steady.

What is the job you are trying to do?
Google for Arbortech blade which is a specific wood blade for mini-grinders

They are used for wood carving, but can be used for notching too. Not really for cutting as its too course - but can do it, although very messy

I've used one and it is very efficient at removing large sections of wood quickly. You need to take care and not go too mad with it, and then it is reasonably safe

There is also a very similar type but the perimeter is a chain like a chain saw

Don't try any other blade on a grinder with wood, as the risk of snagging is very real
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hi and thanks for all your replies. As to what job im trying to do its really just to take up some floor boards in an awkward position in which i cant use my circular saw.
then use a recip saw or a pad saw and do it by hand. Do not stick a circular saw blade on an angle grinder, youll regret it!
nab - I've recommended the Arbotech Tuff-Cut Blade here before (in the flooring section); a great little tool to fit your angle grinder although care is needed when using it ... just the same as any power tool I suppose. However, there are folks on this site who consider a recommendation of this tackle to be irresponsible ... I got sla**ed-off not so long ago for waxing lyrical about the little beauty. £34ish from
As good as the Arbortech blade is, it certainly would not be my first choice for cutting a bit of flooring

There must be a simpler method with hand tools such as a tenon saw or drills and chisels - or even ripping the board up and fitting a new piece?

Or get hold of the Bosch pmf180 multisaw - or the cheaper Aldi version which I posted recently
Plunge cutting with a jigsaw is the way forward, much safer than trying to do it with an angle grinder and you can get really tight into walls as well ;)
Plunge cutting with a jigsaw is the way forward, much safer than trying to do it with an angle grinder and you can get really tight into walls as well ;)

How do you get past the joists and wall plate?
I was going to suggest the wood saw attachment for a dremel, but it only does 6.3mm... pretty useless unless you use it for cutting laminate..
fern multi tool. bosch do one in B&Q for about £70, endless uses, plunge cuts and can work flush to surfaces, eg cutting floorboard against skirting or removing bottoms of skirting, architrave and linings for laminate flooring to slip under, you get the picture.

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