5 Aug 2007
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Check to see if the base is flooded. The base being under the cavity the dishes go in. If it is, drain it and let the electrics dry out before trying it again.
Ok I've checked underneath the machine and there's no external leakage. Just the well in the base. I've checked filter and that's ok. I thought I'd need to drain it can find any release. With my lack of knowledge I was expecting to find a release like on a washing machine. Will I need to pull out the washer to find a drainage tap or valve?
Did you check inside the base of the machine? Not underneath the machine and not inside the cavity where the dishes go, the bit in between.
Remove the bottom inspection panel after turning the power off and look in there.
Alternatively, bail out the inside, pull the machine out and tip it backward about 45 degrees. If water runs out onto the floor you'll know the base was flooded.
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yeah I removes the panel and there is water in the bottom. Only problem with it being integrated it will be a pain to get out won't it to empty the water
It's actually quite simple.
Gently press down on the centre front of the base panel and it will bend, the water will then run out onto the strategically placed towel.
Once drained, press the base panel back up and it will spring into place.
ok cool, I'll give that a go.
Do you think the water that has got in there it will have damaged the components? Also will it need some sort of maintenance as there must be a leak somewhere
You'll have to check for a leak once you've got it going again.
I suspect the wash pump motor is submerged and is tripping the mains, I also suspect it will be an Askoll brand wash pump which is prone to failure.
If the hose from the front of this is holed then it's a replacement wash pump and motor.
Other causes are backfilling from the drain hose, overfoaming due to cheap dishwasher tablets, washing up liquid getting into the machine.
Ok then thanks for all your help (so far) : )
So once it's dried out fire it up? And see what happens next?
Sorry for pinging this back ot the top. My Diplomat dishwasher has just done the same thing tonight.

Having found this post I have examined the unit and find water in the bottom. I will clear this away in the morning, but I looking at this post I do not seem to see if this fixes the problem or not.

In addition the gentleman who posted the fix, mentioned some parts but not the product number for them.

I know its a bit of a cheek, but does anybody know them.

Thanks in advance
If you have water in the base you have a leak.
You have to find the leak (can be awkward)
Typically it leaks from the pump (the pump motor sits low in these machines and the electrics can sit in the water damaging that as well)
I have just searched google for any problems with these and found one that matched mine so am replying to the chat even though it was two years ago. I am having the same problem where the water wouldn't drain from the machine for a while and then is started to trip the electricity every time I put the machine on. Some information was posted a couple of years ago about emptying the machine and allowing it to dry out. Can anyone confirm whether this actually works or if not any ideas on what part is needed.
Help the smell of the stagnent water is beginning to drive me mad!

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