Dishwasher damaging pans - is this a sign of a known fault?

18 Nov 2021
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United Kingdom
Hi all,

Recently my dishwasher has started damaging the coating of pans in a short period of time. I do understand that even 'dishwasher-safe' pans will show signs of wear and tear, however we bought some decent Tower pans six months ago and parts of the coating quickly started showing signs of peeling etc. We put it down to a bad line (as they were in a sale) so we replaced with some quite expensive Ninja pans that claimed to be 'very' dishwasher safe. But after a couple of months they are already showing similar signs.

Have we just been unlucky or is this a sign something might not be functioning with the dishwasher? Maybe it is not diluting detergents or something?

Any advice appreciated
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Its a combination of the phosphates in the dishwasher tablets and the poorer quality of pan coatings.

Its a combination of the phosphates in the dishwasher tablets and the poorer quality of pan coatings.

I could swallow that with the Tower pans as they were in a 50% sale so part of me thought it might be because of customer feedback with similar problems, but the Ninja pans were expensive and high quality
the Ninja pans were expensive and high quality
And you went to great pains to only ever use them on medium heats, not heat them empty, only ever use silicone utensils, soak burnt food off..

But then put them in the dishwasher?
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Pans with a coating should generally be washed by hand imo. We have some blue diamond pans very rarely put in the dishwasher and although the coating doesnt look like new it doesnt look too bad either and they are at least 4 years old.
I rarely put non-stick coated items in a dishwasher. (Mainly baking sheets.)
Then only when they are towards the end of useful life.
But even then I don't recall ever seeing the coatings flaking off from such washing.

I thought one of the benefits of non-stick coatings is that they make hand-washing so easy. Sometimes just a wipe with a paper towel and a damp cloth is enough, I find.

Dishwasher user for over 35 years.

NB Price of pans is not always an indication of quality and longevity. Same applies to lots of other things.
Everything goes in the dishwasher , no damage to any pans , only my old chefs knives with wooden handles ( despite my protest to the mrs that they are not dishwasher safe).
Not stick pans should be used with wood utensils .
try paying them minimum wage -----
sorry couldn't resist --very childish i know :giggle:
I've got some ninja pans too. They say they can be done in the dishwasher but hand washing is better.
Some tablets are more aggressive than others so it might be the tablet or temp setting on the dishwasher causing damage.

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