Distributing aerial signal

28 Jun 2004
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United Kingdom
I live in a weak signal area and want to distribute my tv and radio signal from my loft to various room, the tv aerial is outside on a 10 mast attached to the chimney. Saw two units in Maplins today - one is a plug-in signal booster and the other is an aerial amplifier. Whats the difference between the two and which would be best for me? They're both the same price and the description on the packs seems to say pretty much the same things.
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one is probably attached to a plug, the other is probably a box that mounts on the wall with a cable coming out with a plug on the end.
Be careful mate if you want to use the freeview digi channels.

Not all amplifiers support the digital signals, read the box to make sure the one you are buying does.

Also, something I've always found useful is to use satellite cable, it's much better quality than normal TV stuff and as such in weak signal areas can just give you that extra 'edge' which might be the diffference between a good and great picture.
Yep, the booster plugs straight into the socket, the amplifier has a lead and plug which goes into the socket. Not sure what the difference is though?

The booster doesn't say but the amplifer has a picture on the back to show how it can support satellite connections. Thanks for the tip about the wire, I was wondering what the difference was!
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toasty , so if using freeview should I be using satellite cable between the freeview box and the amp/booster?

Also if I want another connection between the amp/booster and tv (but not freeview) should I also use satellite cable for better picture quality?
If your aerial is a standard terrestrial one then your best bet is to get a masthead amplifier and possibly a high gain aerial to get the maximum possible signal into your house. The plug in boosters only give you about 3dB and I've never found them much good. What's more once you start distributing the signal you'll find that when it gets split it reduces.

This http://www.wolfbane.com/articles/tvr.htm may give you some assistance in checking what aerial you need. Select the appropriate heading from the Reception Predictor (digital/analogue).

There's a few amplifiers to choose from - search on Masthead Amplifiers and you'll come up with aerial boosters, aerials and amps etc, etc.

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