DIY noise

Lots of interesting emotion on this subject but little fact so be careful that you do not end up with costly legal enforcement aginst you or the property.
one thing that I would definately check is your lease as this is usually very restrictive about noise and times for workmen including DIY. There is lots of case law on this so you should do your own research as I bet the Lawyer downstairs has and by informing you of his objection is well into the first steps of the process.
have you tried talking to him to see when it would be convenient, perhaps it is worth you taking a bit of holiday to finish the job if you knew when he was not around. keep a record of what you offer him just in case it goes further so that you can show you were prepared to be reasonable.
God luck and hope it works out for you.
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I put in a counter claim against them. Dog barking!
A near neighbour has got two of those extremely stroppy Yorkie thingies that you can almost put in your pocket or handbag; all bark & no bite. They never get taken for “walkies” despite the fact we are very rural & all they do is bark, bark, bloody bark at each other the whole time they are in the garden &, unlike the rest of us, their owner seems totally oblivious to it. It gets on our bloody nerves & we live 100 metres away, god knows what it must be like for the poor old so d that lives next door to it who is in the final stages of dementia & his dear wife who looks after him. They can’t even go out to escape the incessant barking without undertaking a major logistical exercise to get him into the car. It’s not the first time I’ve had neighbour problems with this breed of dog & for two pins I’d choke the life from the bloody things, it’s such a common breed trait they should have their voice box removed at birth :evil: Give me some enthusiastic DIY noise anyday, I might even come around & help you :LOL:
like you Richard we have a neighbour that has a yorkie, it`s bark is so high pitched for such a small thing,she`d let it out and it would bark consistently for anything between 10 to 20 minutes and that could be anytime after 11:30pm and as early as 06:00am just what you need on a sunday morning , anyway with reluctance we rang the council ,touch wood it seems to have done the job , but still keeping a check on the time and being sensible about the dog doing it`s job say at strangers or cats...........

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