DIYnot success story

1 Apr 2004
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United Kingdom
In 2004 I replied to a forum post here on DIYnot asking for someone who could write about DIY projects - //

As a result of this contact I have written several books for the publisher, some of which have gone on to being very successful ~ One on how to design and make treehouses has now been translated into 5 languages and is still being republished (New York is the most recent) ~ Another book, the first ever about how to design mown patterns in lawns, has been a big hit in the States and led to an Invitation from David Letterman to do a design in Central Park for his show and a video of me making the logo for CBS' tv show 'Sunday Morning'.

Now a new chapter is developing - I have been invited to make a 2 hour video tutorial on how to design and build treehouses for a new startup programme - (an initiative by one of the founders of ebay and skype).

Who would have thought that answering a forum thread here would have led to such things.

I thought it was about time that I wrote a thank you to DIYnot for giving me the opportunity.
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Well who would have thought it. Neat little trick there David, the mods may just let you get away with it ;)
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