Why Has Font Size On DIYnot Reduced?

15 Dec 2007
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United Kingdom
For some reason, the font size on DIYnot has got smaller overnight. It was fine yesterday. It's particularly bad when I do a search under a user name/author, the results are small. On the list of results for a particular user name/author, the result headings aren't too small, but the text underneath heading is tiny.

The font on the main part of forum is slightly smaller, but as said, search results strain the eyes.Am I the only one, or is this affecting others?

Have noticed one or two other small changes. For instance, there is now a dark frame around new subject (the page you get when making a post) title and text boxes.

Have I inadvertently changed a setting, or have admin? I'm on IE8.

The dark frames that have suddenly appeared are visible (arrowed) on here. The frame the title and message boxes, as well as the 'font colour' and 'font size' boxes. Makes me wonder if it's me, or admin been playing?

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you done it. :)
using 2 fingers tap your mouse pad(if your on a lappy)and gently pull them apart.this should then increase the font size.
happens to me if i sometimes tap it and leave my finger on the pad.
Thanks Gregers. Only trouble is I'm using a desktop. Can't change it as you mentioned. Also wondering why the framing has suddenly appeared.

Not sure if it's connected, but my pc had a lot of application updates changes when I switched it on. Wonder if this has changed something.
just asked my 14 year old who just happens to be a whizz on this sort of thing,
press crtl and plus sign together.and minus if it goes to big.
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Fixed it. :cool:

Did a system restore to 5 days ago. Think it may have had something to do with a load of application updates on Saturday. After, it asked me if I wanted to restart now, or in x mins time. I set it for 60 mins time, but when it reminded me in an hour's time I was still busy.

So I told it to remind me in another hour, but either it didn't, or I missed it - so the application update restart might never have happened. Wonder if this was the reason?