Does anyone....



sometimes have a great feeling when they get home from work?

Mrs GSM has cleaned the whole house and re-designed the lounge to make use of the space. :eek: that she did it. :D for the results.

Got home early (6 ish) and my 5 year old girl wanted to help me make bacon & onion dumplings. We have just had a right laugh making them and are both covered in flour. :LOL: "Daddy, make mummy a smaller one than mine as my brain is tired from school".
Not sure of that logic but made me giggle. :)

I have not been given a gram of grief for working all weekend - I know thats becuase Christmas is on the way, but Im happy with that. I work more and she has more work to do as my secretary. Im glad the work is there.

Im not trying to be all smug, just happy for once.

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GSM, glad all is well with you and yours, you are not coming over as smug, just a happy family man who knows when he is well off.
having worked shifts and been on call and missing family life, i love working for myself. I make a point to be home for 4-4.30. that way i get to spend time with my little one and sit down and all have dinner together. It also means im there to read her bedtime story. You can stick your money and overtime, give me family time anytime
therm, your way is the best when littluns are around, you will reap the rewards when they are older. When there older you'll understand, in the meantime just wonder and enjoy.
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i just love seeing the look in their eye when something normal to you is magical to them when they see things for the first time. AT the moment we go and look at the stars before she goes to bed. When she saw the first one, i told her it was tinkerbell (she loves fairies and tinkerbell!) and was over the moon. Now every night she looks at the same star (the north star) and makes a wish on it. Makes the hairs on my neck stand up
That`s nice, Thermo. Great Place is Sussex. When mine were small I used to say to them " Red sky @ night ...Langney`s alight" :eek:
Red sky at night = shepherd's delight.
Red sky in the mornig = shepherd's warning.
Minced lamb and potatoes = shepherd's pie.

Edit; I meant lamb.
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