Door Chime Transformer Not Powerful Enough?

I was surprised on the amount of current a door chime needs. Rated 1A at 8V but often use 4 x AA batteries so 6V DC. When I had the first problem you could still buy electronic wired door bells and these has an option for an extension speaker.

I gave up on wired they are simply not loud enough to hear through the house I bought 3 Lidi battery door bells and the single door push works all three bells one upstairs, one living room and one kitchen. Yes have to re-charge batteries but with three they don't all go flat together so I do get warning when they go flat. Also when water got into door push I had a spare.

With mother the door bell can either be set to ring cordless phones or a phone like door bell which can be taken off the rest and taken around the house like any cordless phone. It has the ability to talk to the person at the door and can be used with a door release button. Wireless but charged from mains the button is mains powered 12vdc or two D cells yes that's correct either 3V from battery or 12V from mains.

I thought it would be good with cordless phones but found it can only be programmed to ring one. Most cordless phones run on the same system DECT which will allow up to 5 units and the door bell becomes one so it is like ringing one cordless phone from another it only rings one phone.

Likely the bells you have will ring with a 5 volt DC supply and there are loads of 2A 5V DC power supplies made for tablets but one can only try as no one knows the volt drop involved. There are also loads of 9V DC plug in transformers at 2A which should compensate for volt drop. I looked on Amazon and around £5 to £6 but has a plug on the end rather than handy screws to connect wires to.

I found too high of a DC voltage stops the dong working. It Dings OK but the magnesium does not fail quick enough to get the dong. Years ago modems often had 2A 12 volt AC supplies but these seem to have vanished from the market place although you can buy a simple transformer they are not boxed in an easy to use package.

Hence why I went for cheap battery door bell from Lidi. Just too much messing around to get the wired ones to work. Even looked at Mr Doorbell web site and no electronic wired door bells for sale any more.
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Happens to us all mate! My brain's gone soft since I was forced to retire.
My comment was to inform the OP that it's worth doing a search, not a criticism of you.
It's hard to see how you could have been criticising secure, since he hadn't posted to the thread at the time you posted your comment :)

Kind Regards, John

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