Drayton Wiser 2 Channel Wiring

14 Aug 2021
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United Kingdom

I'm hoping that someone with a bit more knowhow can help with a quick query for wiring in the 2 channel wiser hub.
I'm aiming to replace an LP822 programmer, seems straight forward in terms of the back plate but it leaves with me the query of what to do with the RCR10 thermostat.

The manual has me stumped or perhaps more fearful of having a bash without the ask for a bit of friendly advice here first.

I need to discount the RCR10 somehow and would be most appreciative of any pointers.

Thanks in advance
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Depends on where the rcr is in relation to the lp822. Also photos would help us immensely.
Is that the boiler next to it? If so, you might be able to disconnect the wiring there.
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It is indeed, you can just about make it out to the left of the old backplate but the wiring for both the thermostat and programmer drop down to a box that is just out of reach under a unit. Happy to take your lead though. If I have to I'm happy for the thermostat to sit as is but redundant if possible.
I can get it into the junction box, bit of a squeeze but I can remove the two wires that go to the the RCR unit. Once I do this, is there anything I need to do with the backplate? Thanks by the way....appreciated.
If you’re happy for it to remain redundant, then all you’ll need to do is link the 2 switch wires inside the rcr, but use a choc block, otherwise it may not work. This will be a permanent link up, kind of like setting the thermostat to maximum, and then the Drayton will tak over the min and max settings.
I think I'd prefer to remove it now that I can reach the Jct box. If I take the RCR out the equation what do I need to do with the backplate.
yes, apologies. I've got the 2 x cables out of the junction box (2 core brown/blue) that are still running to the RCR. I'm happy to now take off the RCR as the 2 x cables are not connected but is there anything I need to do with the backplate for the LP822 or can I just slot in the new hub without any link wires or change of locations to the 5 wires in there located in N, L, 1, 3 & 4
If it helps, here is the jct box. 2 x cables at top right are going to RCR (now disconnected) do I need to do anything in the jct box or the backplate for the LP822. Think I'm getting there now :)
plonking the hub on to the old plate with the now removed no.4 (black wire) was connected in junction box to one of the 2 core cables to the RCR gives me no heating when the heating override button is pressed on the hub? Take it need to do a bit more still?
Put the black wire back in as this is your heating on signal. Then trace the black wire from there to junction box, take the black wire and place it where the heating “on” from rcr goes to junction box.

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