dvd freezes

11 Jun 2005
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United Kingdom
hi all, recently i have managed at last to burn home video using nero to a dvd, but when i play it Iin my cd player the picture keeps freeziing at different stages yet when i play it in my little portable cd player it is fine apart from a couple of clitches
the cd player cost me about 400 quid about 4 years ago and the portable about 50 quid !!

can i somehow connect the portable cd player to the tv and make it play ? until i find out/exchange the expensive player cheers P M
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Your post is confusing, have you burnt a DVD or a CD, a CD player will not play DVD’s :confused: . Some early DVD players (& 4 years old is early) don’t like playing DVD’s burnt using a PC writer; some players are better than others but some are not even compatible with DVD +/- R discs burnt on a PC. The quality of the dye used on the DVD discs is also important; budget discs are really crap & even if you initially manage to burn them successfully, they don’t last long before they start to show dropout & freezing.

Have no idea if you can connect your portable player to your TV, you need to check the provision of outputs on your poratabe & the inputs available on your TV & then buy some suitable cables.
dont like neros DVD creation persnally, seems too hit and miss, even windows DVD creator (win7, not sure about XP) is better than it.

I also use convertX

I use maxell DVDs, not that expensive, and never had a problem.
one last thing is try to burn at a slower speed, 4x seems the best/most reliable for video DVDs, 16x is ok for data, but video seems to be hit and miss at that speed.
I’ve only used “Image Tool burn” since it was possible to burn DVD’s on a PC (but it does incorporate some Nero Burn software files I believe); it’s free & burns faultless DVD’s but the media you use has a grat deal to do with sucessfull burns that will remain skip free over long time periods. Ritek dye has always been the best IMO & I only ever buy media that uses it. Not too sure about Maxell dye quality but your right to burn slower as long as burn speed is not an issue for you.
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google seems to think that Maxell use Ritek, TBH never knew there were different types of dye, just that cheap media is unreliable to say the least (I love some of the cheap supermarket media, no protection to the recording layer, and you can see right through em!!!)

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