Economy shower timer issue (off peak electricity timers)

24 Dec 2017
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United Kingdom
Hi everyone.

I have an economy 7 quatz heater/timer.
I dont seem to be getting any hot water at all. Timer light is on but unable to boost as the light on it dose not come on.
Ive tryed turning the other big clock dial to different times like suggested on some of the other posts but it still dosent work.
Anyone have any ideas before? At wits end and need a good wash haha!!!

thanks for your time in reading xxx merry christmas xxxx
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The clock should be set to the correct (winter) time and the water heater switch set to 'Timed' [This is so that when when 'off peak' electricity is available it will heat the water.] Once this is done, now turn the boost timer clockwise until it reaches the 'start'. Does the boost light illuminate now?

If the boost light illuminates when set as described above, leave it for an hour to see if you have hot water. If it doesn't heat the water up and the boost light is lit, most likely the immersion heater element has failed, or the overheat has tripped.

Keep an eye on the timer dial, to see that it is actually keeping to time, if it's not moving, then it won't switch the immersion on when it should. If this is the case the boost function should still work to provide you with hot water, but it won't be at the cheaper rate.
when u say correct winter time.. how do i set it to the correct time and what would that be..
please photograph your timer and any other controls, including whatever's round the electricity meter.

you can copy and paste photos into your post.

How long have you lived there and used this system?

When did it last work?
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This is the best picture i can get.. sorry its not great. that red light seems to stay on clock is ticking but never any water... lived here since febuary this year last worked about 4 days ago. the hot water seemed to only last aout 7/8 minits at a time though before cuttin out and going cold.
I can't read it. Is the brand name "Horstmann" on that timer?

If you have an off-peak economy tariff, there will be a timer in or beside your electricity meter that turns it on during the night. Please post a photo of the meter and anything near it.

Your electrical consumer unit ("fusebox") will probably have two breakers marked "hot water" or "immersion." Please open the flap to show all the switches and breakers and their labels, and post a photo.

I expect you have a hot-water cylinder. What colour is it? Please stand back and take a photo showing the whole cylinder and especially any electrical cables going into the top or sides.

Presumably you don't have a gas boiler.
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You need to check for power at the element, it should certainly be there if you switch the boost on as mentioned above. It is quite common to find one of the terminals inside these to be burnt out which also causes no hot water.
subject to additional photos and information (people will not be on here much tonight or tomorrow)

it's my guess that your cylinder has (should have) two immersion heater elements; a top one, which quickly heats a small amount of water, and a bottom one, which slowly heats a large amount of water.

The bottom one appears not to be working. It might be a timer setting, or it might be a wiring fault as echo says, or a thermostat fault, or an element fault.

You will be able to get small amounts of water by turning the "boost" knob to an hour. If you watch your electricity meter you may be able to detect when it's heating water, because the meter light will flash or the meter dial will spin faster.

We can estimate how much water the top element can heat when we see the photos. It will take very roughly a minute per litre, and it might heat in the region of 25 litres. Not enough for a bath. But set it running several times, in case the Boost is wired to the lower element. If so, it will take two or three hours, probably, maybe four.

The timer ought to be adjusted to be on for seven hours every night. We will know more when we see your electricity meter and its timer, if any.

I think I can see a white pressure vessel in the corner of your photo. Depending on the colour (which indicates the type) of your cylinder, you might need a specially qualified plumber, or it might be an everyday job for a plumber or, depending what we discover, a qualified electrician.
Yes thats the one i have. and yes electric boiler... sorry its added so many pics here cant seem to delete some of them!! i presume this is what you wanted to see?




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That's the (one) consumer unit; not the meter(s).

If you took the picture of the timer between when asked at 6.01pm and posting at 6.19pm then your clock seems to be set to around 11am - 7 hours slow, therefore, if you have Economy 7, the water will not heat when the power is on at night.

Set the clock to the correct time and see if you have hot water in the morning.
I can only see one thick flex going into the cylinder, so perhaps it just has one immersion heater. Is there another? Stand back further and photograph it again.

Please also photograph the electricity meter and anything around it.

In the consumer unit, what do the labels say? Pics may come out better if you can turn on Flash.
It appears you have a Pullin Evolution unvented cylinder, so if you have any work done to it, you must get a plumber with an extra qualification - tell him and ask him to confirm before making an appointment.

One of your neighbours may recommend a local person.

These cylinders are pressurised and have various safety devices.

There will be a model number on a label, such as 150D
House. sI needing some work!!! Hope these pics help abit more. Its a tiny bathroom. No more room to stand back!!

Ah, I see a lower immersion heater now.

And there is a timeclock by the meter.

You may be able to see the start and stop times of your off-peak timer. You should align your Horstmann to the same period.

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