Electric shock from Water !!!!

So the other 2 neighbours are happy recieving only half their voltage? :eek: :confused: Get them to phone. people power. :cool:
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Thanks , but if you read my previous post you will see that they have called :) Albeit with similiar pants result
Sorry, I missed the bit about the other properties. In that case, no I don't think it is a problem with your house wiring.
though i'd get your wiring checked anyway, a fault in the wiring wouldn't explain the dimming but it could explain you getting shocks and your neighbors not doing so.

what i'm saying is the main fault is certainly in the supplly wiring but there may be an issue (missing main bonding) in your installation as well which is making the situation worse for you and you should get this checked out ASAP.
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The premises I mentioned earlier did get overvoltage on (at least some) on the single -phase circuits (It had a 3-phase supply). Blew up all the emergency lighting units and a few other bits and pieces.

The terrace of houses is likely to have each house on a different phase.
In fact, my house and 3 others are on the same feeder from the street ;) Most of the street is done like this.
Well I have no idea what happened , but this morning the electric came back as normal and the electric shock phenomenon also righted itself.

Thanks to all who posted :)
Sounds like DNO found and fixed problem then.

But it may pay you to get a sparky in to check out earth bonding etc - if you explain what happened and the comments you have had on here - peace of mind eh!!

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