Excessive Car exhaust noise?

1 Apr 2016
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United Kingdom
Firs from what I have gleaned it is an offence to have an excessively loud exhaust if it is modified from the factory fitted one.

But does anyone know any practical information on getting the Police to investigate this?

Would it just be a case of getting the number plate and informing the Police?
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basically, yes.

it depends on the age of the car as to the specific rules.
The driver of a car with a noisy exhaust found large copies of adverts for local exhaust repair companies glued to the windscreen.
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Good luck with that one.
Judging by the number of tits who now "display" their number plates on the dashboard, I don't think the police give a toss anymore.
If its a modified exhaust, then its 54(2) The Road Vehicles (Construction & Use) Regulations 1986 - http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1986/1078/regulation/54/made if its just noisy then sec 97 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/1986/1078/regulation/97/made is about how its driven, plus you have the various rules (e.g. 89db) in sec 55 on..

If you report it and the police wont investigate or take action then you could complain to the police commissioner/cheif and if you really could be bothered inform them of their breach of EU legislation.

Some cars have a valve to keep them under 89 at low speed, but able to scream when going a bit faster.
Just to clarify the person does not live on our quiet street but he lives near us and you can hear his car roar (and it is a roar) all times of the day. I have done some digging into who he is as and he's the young son of a rich businessman.

Also I am pretty sure his number plate - the lettering doesn't look legal.

But I seen quite a few supercar owners now not bother with a front number plate. It's only a £100 fine so if you can drive a car worth north of £150k I don't think it's much of a deterrent.
police will do nothing about exhaust noise
Audi BMW Ford all sell upgrade exhaust systems direct or through their tuning partners if the police or regulating bodies were bothered it would have been stopped years ago
when cherry bombs were all the rage

as for number plate its easy police have to prove it hasn't just fallen off so only a warning is received
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