What exactly do we pay our taxes for?

22 Nov 2003
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United Kingdom
My wife and I were rudely awakend at 2:00am this morning by some very loud music, we assumed that some kids on the estate we having a small party as the music was so loud, especially the bass and that would would soon end as the police would put a stop to it.

By 05:30am the noise showed no signs of stopping so I called the local council noise nuisance hotline, only to be told that they were aware of the noise it, was a an illegal rave. they suggested that it was being held in a nearby supermarket car park and that it was an 'environmental issue' and there was nothing that could be done until after the weekend.

I then phoned the police who informed me that the illegal rave was at a nature reserve and country park some 4 miles! (as the crow flies) from our house. Jokingly I said that it must be loud, to which the operator said it was indeed. :confused: I then asked if they were going to stop it as it had been going on all through the small hours, I was told that the police had attended not long after the start but there was nothing they could do because 'of the type of people' that were there. What the hell were they doing then, organising the bl**dy parking.

Just another example of how the innocent public have to suffer whilst the wrong doers get away with it and how the nanny state and pc rules.

The noise is still thumping away as I write this post, I think I will get my chainsaw out and go and stop the thing myself :evil: :evil:
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Wow! I've just had a boreing day in the garden!
let us know how you got on :D
Go to the rave, walk up to one of the lice ridden drug dosed students and ask to borrow his mobile phone for an emergency-----when he gives you the phone call the police and tell them there is a bomb about to go off in 15 minutes at the rave, hand the phone back and disinfect yourself with boiling water and domestos and watch the fun and the lice infested student being dragged off and detained under the new terrorism laws and the rave being stopped.
Better still, ACTUALLY plant a bomb, don't tell anyone, thereby eliminating the problem, and rendering the land (now a large hole in the ground) useless for further events.

Probably not allowed to say that tho :evil:
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I think you have forgotten that these are oppressed people, and that as a minority the Police must not discriminate.

Anyway, we pay taxes so that illegal immigrants can live a happy care free life at our expense.

Damn, you weren't under the illusion that they used the taxes we pay for OUR benfit were you??
Someone was having an illegal rave near you? Where do you live, 1991? :LOL:

Seriously though, I thought that illegal raves didn't go on anymore, since the advent of easy late licences for those who can drink and under-18s nights for those who can't (legally).

Still, sounds like a real bu**er. Hopefully though, the organisers won't use that area again because it is now "known".
It is a sight easier to have you 'put up with the noise' for a night than go to the bother of collecting reinforcements and actually doing something about the rave... cost benefit etc.
Sorry, no new customers at all !!
Killemall said:
Better still, ACTUALLY plant a bomb, don't tell anyone, thereby eliminating the problem, and rendering the land (now a large hole in the ground) useless for further events.

Probably not allowed to say that tho :evil:

Or you could have tried out the latest night scope on a snipers rifle. These people believe that society owes them something !! :rolleyes: And that having a good time means upsetting as many people as possible because thats cool! :rolleyes: I know what we could use them for .......driving the convoys in Iraq sounds a good idea. The current drivers are brave volunteers, not expendable. These muppets are so send them out there as their community service! :LOL:
im not defending the lack of action, but ill give you a view which may explain the lack of action. Its a busy friday or saturday so they got to police the main trouble areas across the county with a minimum amount of officers. Now i dont know where you are but in your nearest big big town theres probably about 12 - 16 police on for that area. Not a lot, especially once a few are tied up with prisoners etc. In a rural area, youve probably about 4 - 6 for a very big area. If you look across the ounty you then start to get the picture of there probably being about 50-60 coppers on for the night, with say 40 free. Now you could drag them all away to deal with the rave, but that leaves none on the streets of the towns etc. So if you take half that youve then got 20 coppers to go and deal with several hundred drugged up, ****ed up unwashed and unloved, in a field in the middle of nowhere. So that leaves the guy whose in charge with a decision to make. Do i let it run, wheer its fairly safe and yes it will give people sleepless nights, or do i go in with what limited resources ive got and risk problems and injury to people.

So who do you blame? The police, no. Theyve got their hands tied by the numbers theyve got. When i joined we used to have 38 on at night for one half of a busy town. Now i know theyre lucky if they have 12 for the whole town. Those numbers have been reduced during the reign of a certain smiling PM. Thats one of the reasons i left, and i know its the same across the country. Dont believe the crap about their being more police than ever.

Hmm May 5th good time to vote how you think
Here's what the police have to say on the matter;

"We attended this incident to prevent any criminal offence from taking place and to ensure there was no escalation of conflict or risk to public safety."

how about all of those possibly drunk, definitely very tired, possibly drug taking attendees leaving in their cars to drive home? :confused:

"We take these incidents extremely seriously but we have a duty to be proportionate and reasonable in what we do."

Over 2,000 complaints from residents, only a few hundred attendees! at one point there were only 30 attending, but the police let it carry on another 3 hours. :confused:

"Officers will monitor the event until it concludes".

So holding an illegal rave, disturbing the peace, possible drug dealing, no alcohol license, no sanitation for the number of people taking part, fly tipping and no public performance license. What exactly do you have to do to commit an offence these days?

Oh yes I forgot, punch an illegal raver for keeping you awake all night, attack someone for breaking in to your property or fly the england flag outside of your house, this is deemed as advertising without a license believe it or not and carries a fine :evil: :evil: :evil:
Recently, close to Bath, travellers were moved on from an illegal camp, witnesses claimed half the vehicles were untaxed .. ushered onto the highway by the police, one large un taxed van suffered brake failure and rammed a house causing not a small amount of damage .. the driver ran off.
Perhaps it depends also upon whose land the misdemeanors are occurring.

Where does it all end with selective Policing ?
numbers, money, budgets, accounts, senior officers finding something good to look on the cv, human rights, politicians getting involved pc society, performance indicators.....alll the crap that has turned policing from a your nicked sonny problem sorted to well lets see, does it fit what we must tell the government and what the accountants say we can do, in about ohhh 8 years. You work out whose to blame
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