Extending mains ring

16 Jul 2004
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United Kingdom

Just a few quick questions

1. Removed a plug socket facia and it has 3 mains flex cables, one leads to a spur, Am I correct in assuming this is the last socket on the ring.

2. Apart from the cable for the spur, does it matter which cable I disconnect?

3. After I have disconnected one of the cables, I will put in a new cable from this plug and connect to the first new socket, and the connect the first new socket to the second an so on.

4. once the last socket is in, I will then connect this back to the disconnected cable from the original existing socket.

Does this sound correct?
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A little more info needed from you.
Are you adding new sockets to the ring?

Because there is a spur running from the socket does not mean that it maybe the last one.
You say 3 mains flex cables, do you mean grey twin and earth with red and black solid cores or is it something different.

If you can post your full intentions then I am sure someone here will guide you on the right lines.
Let us know how many if any new sockets you intend to fit what there use is for bearing in mind the total load aloud for a ring main and whether they are going to be fused or just extending the ring main.

Ok, there are two grey coloured cables with black, red and earth going into the socket, and a third set coming out to another socket on the opposite side of the wall.

this socket is in a far corner of the room and no other sockets are near it.

I will be moving this socket along the wall a bit, and converting the spur in the other room onto the ring, and spuring another single socket of this which will used to plug in a built in gas oven.

From the relocated socket the ring will be extened to another double socket with a spur for an extractor fan, and finally another double socket at the end of the ring with a spur for a gas hob.

Hope this helps
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looking at the pic, nothing wrong with that, though that new spur would be better off part of the ring if possible, expecially as you are plugging an oven into this. Thats 9 new sockets all together. How many sockets are currently on the ring? It might be worth getting an electrician to look at this, you could be overloading the circuit, expecially as it seems you are extending it into a kitchen.

Another thing, there is no such thing as the "end" of a ring. its like a circle, where is the end? there isnt one!
Be quite sure the three wires in the first socket are what you think. It could be some crazy old lashup with spurs off spurs or crossed rings. Hopefully you have already sussed out where the existing wires run.

Fused spurs with swich on the plate for these hobs and fans?

I wasn't going to use fused spurs, just single sockets on the ring. Each appliance has a fused plug

There are currently four double sockets in the kitchen

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