Fantasy car (or motorbike)?

Dream car for weekdays would be Rover P5B Coupe V8, for the weekends an E Type. Not fussed about which body style, but while the roadsters are more desirable I think the fixed heads look better.

Biggest bike I had was 250 Wet Dream. Dream would be Kawasaki Z1300 from 70s/early 80s or ic 1927's Honda CBX would be another choice. Something about those bikes of that era with big chunk of engine and the pipes.
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Cars destroy everything! Health, peace and the environment.

And how can you enjoy a car nowadays with all the congestion, roadworks, bad drivers, speed humps, potholes and expensive fuel?

That said, driving is one of the great pleasures of life. It's just that there are far too many cars. Therefore, my car fantasy is for there to be fewer cars. I would like to remove 9 of every 10 cars from British roads.

I don't have an ideal car, but I like the idea of being chauffeured around in luxury, royal family style.

As for bikes it would have to be a classic British bike complete with oil leak or a 1970s big Japanese bike. Maybe an Italian such as a Moto Guzzi, Ducati or Laverda (was Laverda Italian?) Certainly not a Harley.

larverda are Italian

Infamous for the Laverda Jota

Input (?) in the design from-the British slater brothers who were a UK agent for the brand
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